Friday, October 26, 2012

5% - Thats all you have left

So as usual this post is straight from another one of my Emails. 
This time around to some of my colleagues/friends who are too lazy to go out on weekends.

(Background Info: We are all approx. 27 Years old)

Assuming that you live for 75 Years.
You will have about 3910.714 weekends in your life to relax/enjoy. (Or in you guys cases release/work)
Now assume that you are 27 Years old. (Some a bit more, others a bit less)

You have already gone through 36% of those weekends that you get in your life.

Once you get married let’s say at 30 (too late I know) after that your weekends don’t belong to you.

So as of now you have: 3~4 years more of weekends left with you. 

Or in other words you just have 5% of your entire lives weekends left with you for yourself, before they belong to someone else.

So every weekend when you decide, “I will stay in, not do anything” Just think about what you are losing?

- Choudhary Baba ka Friday Gyaan