Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wish you were here :(

So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell,
blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?
And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?
How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have you found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Odyssey Generation

A few days ago one of my friends send me a link to a very interesting community called parallel mirrors which is very hard for me to define.
It had a topic called "Odyssey Generation". And many people had expressed their own view points.

Odyssey generation to me means that stage of life in a person which is going to define his entire existence on this planet.
The stage where he/she takes control of his life and ventures forward on a path that shapes his/her future.
The time or period in a persons life which will have a everlasting effect on whatever it is he does from that point onwards.

But theoretically speaking this one stage of life which was just supposed be a passing phase has been carried over to comprise the modern day's man entire life.

As soon as a child is born the first thing thats gonna define him and shape his future is the locality in which he is brought up.
Even when the child is in the Pre-nursery, or (what ever classes that kids go to nowadays) that becomes a stamp on his entire career.

The child's school has become a mark of social symbol. If you are from a particular HI-Class school you are surely supposed to be better then the next Tom, dick and Harry.

Then comes the biggest hurdle of them all. The College admission.
and with that Indians only think of 2 names....IIT or Doctor....

If you are in a IIT you are supposed to be a Demi-god..some one to be worshipped, to be held in be honored.
Same is the case with the profession of a Doctor.

Why is it that more creative and off-beat careers for a child are still seen as a taboo? Why does everyone just wants to travel the well trodden path and not become a trailblazer?

Even after you are through with college its finding a job and a high paying one at that. That it the salary, thats what matters the most although it might not be what you actually want to do with your skills.

It might not be what you always dreamed to do in your life but you still go ahead and become part of that Drone of mindless zombies working in a cubicle all day long and work on mind numbing projects.

But still the odyssey generation does not stop here at this point.

Now you have a boss who treats you like his minion and walks all over you as if you are a door mat.
You lose all your self respect for your existence.
And just follow the routine to complete the next deadline.

You work hard to make some money and save some more.
So that your kid can go to a reputed school and have a so called high grade education...

And thus the cycle continues....

And the world just goes on and on and on.......

This is COSMIC BLASTING OFF.........

Does GOD believe in caste/creed/GOATEE ??


Last week i went on a vacation/adventure trip with my college friends to many different places.
And the last one of them included a very famous temple in the midst of the mountains.

Now presently i have a goatee which somewhat resembles the traditional beard usually worn by the people of the Muslim community.
All the people in the temple were receiving the blessings from the So-Called-Pundit, and when my turn came i went up to him and spread my hands in front of him to take the prasad and bowed my head in reverence to the almighty and also so that the Pundit might put the TILAK on my head.

But instead of doing that the Pundit looks at me, and instead of blessing me asks m of what caste am I?
When i told him that i am a Hindu Brahmin, he still didnt seem to believe me and looked at me suspiciously and started preaching to me that if i am Brahmin (a so called higher caste in the Indian-playing field of religion) then why do u have a Goatee like a common Muslim?

He almost refused me the prasad, but then seeing the queue behind me finally gave in. But even though the whole time i was in the temple looking around the pundits refused to leave me for a single moment and he kept on looking at me suspiciously as if i was someone who had just destroyed the Sanctity of his Pious Temple

But then i suddenly saw the Statue under which the Pundit was sitting, it was that of the Indian God HANUMAN with his hands folded humbly and smiling at all the onlookers as if he held a secret which was unknown to everyone or knew what you were thinking at that moment was smiling at the ignorance of the person sitting at his feet.

And Lo and Behold the statue of HANUMAN had a thick black beard which resembled the traditional Muslim Beard in a much better way then my small goatee might ever do.

I was awed by the audacity and the ignorance of the small insignificant creature sitting at the God's feet and giving out decisions on whats wrong and whats right without even considering where he is or in which position.

Now when the God's do not discriminate in the matters of facial hair who are we to do so....



Have a Backbone


The most important thing to have for any person/child in my opinion is a backbone.

And a strong backbone at that which cannot be bent by the society forcing you to bow before their beliefs and needs....
of what they expect of you...
of what they want of you...
of what they believe to be correct ....
of what they believe is the norm....
of what they believe are the rules to be followed....

Every one needs to have their own point of view, and not just follow what they are taught or preached. But question those beliefs and have a say of their own.

In school when you are small you are taught to question the teachers if you have any doubts, but when those doubts leave the so called prescribed syllabus and moves outside it, you are rebuked for doubting the teachers knowledge and the great Scientists who have proved things before you and you are supposed to accept them as fact.

When you go to the temple where your parents take you to, and you question the pundit if god even exists and where is the proof for that or does the pundit has blind faith
then you are really in trouble...

After your parents and teachers its your Girl Friend/Wife who would be next in line waiting for you to change-for-the-better
if you just follow her are the best....if you dont.....then God help you....

What i personally believe is that.
If you want to survive in this world, where you will be looked down for being a heretic, for doubting your parents believes, for standing against the society.
You need to be smart and not defy them out right.
Listen to them, acknowledge them, say they are right....even praise them for God's Sake...

But ...but...but......always have a backbone.....
Always keep your own thoughts on the highest pedestal.
And test your thoughts against what and how others want you to change
and if you feel that you were wrong...and mistaken...then take pride in accepting the fact and change for the better.

But if you believe and think that you are correct in your view point then stand your ground and face the music.
And be smart in doing so.
If you feel you might get into trouble for doing so then control yourself and be a noble part of the society.

But as i said first and i will say it again....

Always have a backbone

DISCLAIMER :- the last few lines might seem wrong and cowardly to some of you..but i speak from my own self experience and to the consequences faced due to my believes

This is COSMIC BLASTING OFF.........

Story of Orkut

Once there were two neighbors.

Orkut and chirkut. Orkut was a very indecent guy.
And was always after skirts ,
While chirkut was almost a saintly person
chirkut always preached to orkut the values of friendship and brotherhood ,but orkut did not listen. Then one day...a great scientist Mr WEBSTER decided that the name chirkut was fit for a CROOK.
And the whole world from that day on decided that chirkut was a crook. Seeing that his good name was brought into dust chirkut left the neighborhood of orkut and went out into the world in hiding. Orkut now went under a tremendous change and really missed his friend chirkut so he started a website in his friends name that is and started searching the whole world for his friend and neighbor.
Then one day...two crazy white people met orkut and asked him to sell over to them so orkut was very happy that chirkut's teachings were right and that good does you if you do good for others but the two crazy white people changed the name of to and enslaved the youth of many countries in their grasp THE END

This is Cosmic BLASTING OFF....

Of Tux and Humanity towards Others

Ok people this is going to be the most boring of all the posts that i have come up with till date...(as if the others were interesting huh...)

This is the first post that I am writing about my passions in life...which right now mainly consists of Mr TUX and "Ubuntu".

OK now some of the people might understand what i am gonna ramble on already and some ....or should i say most of you must have no idea in hell what i am talking about.

Well for the uninitiated ones..Tux is the mascot of don't ask me what Linux is...or i am gonna throw you out of this blog this very minute..

Now some of you good souls must have heard about this free Operating System for computer Geeks and Nerds...which does not work and you have never seen it...But then you must be asking yourselves right now, "What is this MUMBO-JUMBO about Ubuntu that this dude keeps talking about."

Well i don't blame you for that....because ubuntu comes to us directly from the heart of the world of MUMBO-JUMBO....from the dark continent itself...the birth place of all humanity...."AFRICA"..

But what does ubuntu mean....Ubuntu has many meanings....some of which are...

  • Humanity towards others
  • I am because we are
  • I am what I am because of what we all are
  • A person 'becomes human' through other persons
  • The belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity

This is Cosmic Blasting Off......

One Night @ Nite Rent

Going by the newly formed tradition of this random blog. Where it is extremely difficult to predict what the next post is going to be about, this time I decided that I should tell you all a story.

If you think that you are not a kid anymore and have grown over the age of reading stories, I would suggest that you go ahead and leave now, and do what ever it is that grown up hags like you do.

So now that we have that matter sorted out lets get on with the story. Or wait…..why should I start so soon telling you a story. May be I will bore my unfortunate readers a bit more about the latest happenings around the world

Real Harry Potter Weathers Pottermania

He's not a wizard. He lives in Florida. And he's 78. But he does have a name with a magical ring to it: Harry Potter. This Harry's wife says he gets a "big kick" out of talking to Potter fans.

Ok that’s enough news for you. I don’t care what goes on in the world and neither should you.

So finally moving on with the story. This is a story about two strange individuals gBo and Auxin Mil from the planet Venus and Mars respectively.

They were two strange individuals who had never had the misfortune to meet or even converse telepathically in their small and happy paranormal lives, with each other.

Then one unfortunate Jupday (what did you expect that they would have earth’s stupid 7 days week through out the galaxy), they had the displeasure to bump into each other in a planet totally invisible from the human or as a matter of fact even plutonian eyes.

They both due to some unfortunate turn of events had landed on that planet as they were both hired by a MUC (Multi Universal Company) called Technology Concerning Stupidity.

Now since they both had arrived from different planets and different social and cultural backgrounds, it was but natural that they took an instant disliking to each other’s every little action and habits.

As we all know that Venusians has always been known for their extreme intelligence and wit but also for their lack of concern for other individual’s feelings. And gBo was no different from them. It(its difficult to divide Venusians and Martians in Earth’s prevalent mode of division of HE and SHE , so they all are called IT ) was an epitome of their culture and a champion of Making anagrams (yes you guessed right other planets have read The DA-Vinci code as well ), and RQ, DQ and SP as well. Now don’t ask me to elaborate on what these things are, the Venusians are very adamant about their secrets and even if I tell you, I would have to throw you in a BLACK HOLE.

So enough about gBo, now lets get to the second character in this story Auxin Mil or Aux for short. Now like every other typical Martian (although what is a typical Martian is no one has ever dared to define) it was also an individual who would never stick to the well trodden path of the normal JUNTA (collection of Martians). If everyone said it was a cow it would say that it was a Inter-Galactic Scrap Collector, if everyone said it was day it would say that it was in fact a worm hole.

So you get a more or less get an idea about the two individuals we are talking about, because if you haven’t still understood I am not going to waste any more key strokes for your DUMB mind to grasp the concept.

So as we were reading that the two individuals had arrived on the planet Nite Rent because they were hired by the same MUC. And unfortunately due to some bizarre turn of events even during the same millennia. So they ended up sharing the same century lounge to hang out with other IT’s from the different planets, and in some cases from parallel universes as well.

So now when they met on Nite Rent , as was predicted by the great mathematician Edward Zarnigoop 16 centuries earlier they immediately took a disliking to each and everything the other individual did. From their 16 tentacles to their 3.97 heads.

They tried, as was expected of them to make the other individual commit suicide and when that did not work, even tried the legal and highly preferred way of getting away from some one i.e. Murder.

They kicked each other, pinched each other (both of which are really painful owing to their 23 legs and 3.8 inch long nails), but nothing seemed to work. They still were bumping into each other every day while traveling through the Nite Rent.

So they finally decided to call it a truce and find out what was their secret to the immunity of each others attacks. So they decided to hold a rather peaceful conference, in which no planets would be destroyed or no species of spiders hurt in anyway.

Now as this story is already getting too long for a single post and also my publishers are warning me that I should keep some material for the sequel to this book, I am going to end this post right here. And tell you about the Catastrophic Conference [C.C.] (that’s how it was known in the later generations to come), in the next post.

This is Cosmic Blasting OFF

Its Time For Mr Prankies

Disclamer:- The Generator of this blog is in no way responsible for the Effects Caused Due to the actions u are abt to undertake. Please use caution and keep away from the reach of children


1) open control panel
2) select the mouse option
3) under buttons
4) select left handed
5) and apply

EFFECTS----THE MOUSE SHOULD NOW BECOME A LEFT HANDED ONE i.e.---right click becomes left and left becomes right


1) take a screen shot of the Desktop in which there are no applications open by pressing ptr sc (this step may vary from model to model, it has been seen that in some laptops u need to press a fn key before)
2) now open paint application
3) use the paste option from under edit to create a pic of the desktop.
4) save the pic any where in the PC.
5) go back to the desktop right click on it and under arrange icons by deselect SHOW DESKTOP ICONS
6) now set the pic u generated in step 4 and set it as the desktop back ground.




1)WARNING----switch off all electrical power from two of your collegues comps who sit side by side.......dont get a shock......they are supposed to get one
2) now dig behind their CPUs and switch their monitor cables i.e.- one pc's monitor cable into the other and vice versa



2) just press alt+ctrl+up (or down) arrow key at the same time

REMEDY--JUST DO THE OPPOSITE OF WAT U JUST DID i.e.- (press up now if had pressed down in previous step and vice versa)

more pranks coming soon---KEEP SMILING

This is Cosmic Blasting OFF............

You know you’re an engineer if...

1. You still own a drafter and actually know how to use it.

2. The sales person at the IBM store can not answer any of your questions.

3. You own a white shirt and a white pair of socks.

4. You have never washed your clothes since you entered your college

5. You and your Girl friend are looking wistfully at the sky...she is looking at the moon and you are trying to locate a GEO-Synchronous satellite.

6. You know what a Geo Synchronous Satellite actually is.

7. At home, you rearrange the washing machine to maximize dirty clothes density.

8. You stare at an orange juice container because it says 'concentrate'.

9. You know the direction the water swirls when you flush and have used this information to extrapolate your GPS coordinates.

10. You own a software program to design the furniture layout in your house.

11. You've tried to repair a 5Rs radio, and used 20Rs worth of solder to do it.

12. You have no life and can prove it mathematically.

13. During DIWALI Dinner you find yourself calculating the load-bearing capacity of Sharma Aunty’s chair.

14. You spent more on your computer than you did on your bike.

15. You've already calculated how much money you make per second.

16. You buy your Girlfriend a New DVD Drive for her Birthday.

17. Upgrading your RAM or buying Chocolates for your girlfriend is a moral dilemma.

18. You look at your girlfriend's hair and comment that is straight and parallel.

19. Your calculator has more computing power then a Pentium 2 Processor.

20. You know you are an engineer if you have read this post to the end.

This is Cosmic Blasting OFF............

Inter Galactic Opera

Greetings Earthlings...(hope u are earthlings or did i just discover first signs of ET)
i am not sure what made u come to this blog or did i force u to come here through my mind control powers which were provided to me when the HSIHSA people from the planet INALBAH did some poking around in my head.....

Any ways now that you are here you are stuck here for the next few lines with me.....since i have just send a Trojan horse to your computer which is blocking you from accessing any other page...
Don't try and hit that BACK button or your hard drive will crash with a Brilliant flash of PINK....(have no idea why pink...but thats the way it is)

OK now please bear with me through my ramblings which go on and on.......and you know the greatest thing about them they are about nothing which makes any sense to anyone as well as me.....
The title of the blog is Inter galactic Opera....and i have never been to listen to a whole opera in my life...don't know why those fat damsels and bearded guys shout at the top of their voice pushing their lungs to the absolute physical and biologically possible limits
or why do so many people go to hear them shout.....

Man you can do all that shouting at home or work or college or any where in the world...thats what most of us do any ways......we just notice something and make a lot of noise about it we criticize everything possible from the way people wash their hands to the way the government is run. But not a single of us is ready to get off our fat assess and do some thing about it.We never try and make a change, we will never take up the initiative to do anything creative, and if some body does we wont support them but just point fingers and find faults and introspect how we could have done it better
See right now you are a living proof of what i am talking about u are too lazy to press the close button on top the web browser.........instead you would just go on and on reading the incoherent babbling of a guy who has no idea in hell what he is talking about....but people will still go on reading it as long as they don't have to write it themselves.....

Now i am not trying to recreate another RDB here (for those of you who have been living on planet ORK its Rang De Basanti)..but i seriously feel that if u need to get something done you need to relocate your behind and do it yourself....

WOW don't know what woke that Preacher inside of me......must be some pituitary glands or some other weird biological thing secreting those things..........what are they called............ya HORMONES.........

OK i think i have tortured you enough for a later........

If you dare to come back that is...........

This is Cosmic Blasting OFF............(sounds like a kid's comic book doesn't it)