Friday, September 16, 2011

The Boy with the Blue eyes

The young man wiped his brow with his handkerchief for what seemed like the 100th time. 
His palms were sweaty. 
The T-Shirt which proclaimed loud and clear of “Being Human” was already drenched in sweat.

It seemed like the longest day of the year to him. He had hardly slept the night before in anticipation of the next day.
And on the next day had woken up at 3 AM just after an hour of shutting his eyes.
His head was throbbing with a headache the likes of which he had never experienced before.

He kept on checking his mobile phone every couple of minutes for any new call or message, which would put him out of this misery.
The cacophony around him was enough to drive anyone over the edge

He was not alone. 
He was surrounded by hundreds of others just like him, all jostling for the same goal. 

Suddenly someone tugged at his jeans. He thought it was a pick-pocket and got ready to grab someone’s hand and punch him in the face.
After all he already had his wallet stolen 3 times on similar days.

But when he looked down, he was gazing into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. The eyes were like the expanses of the great blue ocean with specks of green in them.

These beautiful eyes which were staring up at him and were sad.
The young man was again out of habit about to shrug off the boy.

The boy was just like the innumerable ones he saw and ignored every day. He would have been maybe 6 years old.
The same dirty torn clothes, the bare feet, the muddy face.

But at the same time there was something very different about him.  The boy had a small puppy lovingly cradled in his arms.

The boy was clinging onto the puppy and also to an open half empty packet of bread.
The puppy was squirming to get out of the loving and careful hug of the boy.

The little boy spoke: “भाई दस रुपैये दो ना भाई. ढूध खरीदना है.” (Translated: Brother/Sir, Can you please give me 10 rupees, I need to buy some milk)

The young sweaty man was intrigued. He had been asked for money many a times for reasons such as: “…haven’t eaten for 3 days”, “…mom needs medicine”, “….school fees” etc etc.
But not once he had been asked for money for buying milk.

The young man asked the boy: “ब्रेड है ना तेरे पास , वो खा ना . भीक क्यूँ मांग रहा है ?”. (Translated: “You already have the bread. Eat that. Why are you begging”)

The little boy with the blue eyes filled with all the innocence in the world replied: “भाई , टोमी छोटा है , सूखा ब्रेद नहीं खा पाता. उसको ढूध में डाल के देना पड़ेगा. वो कल से कुछ नहीं खाया
(Translated : “Sir, Tommy (the dog) is too little. He is not able to eat the dry bread. I need to mix some milk in it. He hasn’t eaten since yesterday”)

The young man was left speechless. He thought he was doing the right thing “Being Human” by motivating the little boy with blue eyes not to beg.
And here was this little boy, not worried about himself, but for his friend, little Tommy, who can’t chew the dry bread.

The young man took the little boy with blue eyes and his tommy. Got out of the crowd, and took them to a small road side shop.
Bought a packet of milk for the boy and his tommy. The young man and the little boy mixed the bread and the milk for tommy.

The sadness from those deep blue eyes was gone, which was replaced with a sense of joy, jubilation and satisfaction as he saw his tommy eat up the now soft bread and drink the platter of milk.

The little boy walked away happily, with tommy running behind him, as the young man again took out his handkerchief.

Not to wipe his brow this time, but his wet eyes.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

No Pun Intended

Few days ago saw a comic strip on xkcd (the image you see here) on how context of sentences change when you add 3 little words: "No Pun Intended" out of context.

India is my Country. All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters. No Pun Intended.

And God said to Moses, "I am the Lord. I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, as God Almighty. No Pun Intended.

YES WE CAN. No Pun Intended

Change has come to America. No Pun Intended

Live Long and Prosper. No Pun Intended

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. No Pun Intended

Life is never free of contradictions. No Pun Intended
Manmohan Singh 

May the force be with you. No Pun Intended

Here's looking at you, kid. No Pun Intended.

E.T. phone home. No Pun Intended.

Bond. James Bond. No Pun Intended.

UPDATE: As suggested in the comments. Adding one more to the list.

ASS on Fire Takes you Higher. No Pun Intended.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Truth about Cats

No, Its not plagiarized. You can create your own comic strips here: Rage Comics Builder


Monday, September 5, 2011

My Cubicle Lovestory

These 3 guys spent the whole day together in that cubicle. They shared the same desk and hung out together most of the time.
Although they had arrived from different places and at different points of time, but now they were comrades, The best buds that ever were.

They were from different races and their skin color was different. 
One had squinty eyes, other rectangular evenly spaced eyes and the third. My oh My The Third.. 
If you only can look at his eyes, you would be mesmerized and be awestruck by the beauty, the symmetry, the uniqueness in those eyes. They held in them a secret which only one who has spent a lot of time with the third could comprehend.

Then one day SHE arrived at their desk, and it changed everything.

She had skin as fair as the maidens of lore, a skin so smooth that you would not be able to control yourself from not touching her. And when you did get to touch her, your hands would slip and slide on that smooth screen. 

But behind this outer persona of gentleness, she was as tough as they came. She has weathered all the storms in her life , her rough edges had been smoothened out after battling these very storms, she had journeyed a thousand miles and was now here.

But no one cared about her story. All that everyone saw was how beautiful she was and no one bothered to look beyond the beauty at the pain and suffering which went into making her what she was now.

The three guys, the three friends, the three best buds took one look at her and all of them where in love.
They couldn’t take their eyes off such an exquisite beauty. They were glad that she had come to the same cubicle as theirs.
Each of them considered themselves to be the true worthy aficionado for her. Each of them believed that she was meant to be their soul mate.

Voices were raised, tempers flew and then suddenly when it seemed that the three amigos would be at each other’s throat and their friendship would be lost and gone forever over the fair maiden.

Suddenly the office lights came on and Shrijeet was back at his desk. He lovingly looked at his 3 car models arranged them on his desk and put the stone back in the cubicle drawer.

And thus the tree amigos got back to their daily routine and another day in the life of the Cubicle began 

Characters in the Story

Amigo 1

 Lamborghini Reventón

Amigo 2

2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8

Amigo 3


The Fair Maiden

A stone picked up at Bondi Beach Sydney

The Cubicle


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why you no Plank ?

No, Its not plagiarized. You can create your own comic strips here: Rage Comics Builder