Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Karimeen Day

Time for the obligatory Valentines Day blog post.

My Fan base of psychology students (across 4 continents) have been complaning that I have not written anything yet on V day and that they have been desperately refreshing my blog since morning (in their respective countries) hoping to read my insighful insights on the inside working of the human psyche and the various complicated emotions that it is capable of.

Well guess what Mr.Chinese Chyropractor. You are going to be  disappointed. I do not comply to your wishes and as you are none the less familiar with one of my most famous and often quoted quotes. "I write what ever comes to my mind. And what often comes to my mind is Horse Manure"

So all of you (It includes the retired Lawyer from Alabama and the house wife from GreenLand) who were expecting a mushy marshmallow of a post about love , sex and other ailments of the heart. You are going to be utterly dis-appointed today.

But who knows, may be I will grant your wishes tomorrow. So come back later. Or as we say to the omnipresent beggar in India "आगे जाओ बाबा , बाद में आना "


Go Live

It's time to dish out some more useless gyaan for the day.

The only commodity we have is time.
Somewhere—in your mind, on a notepad, stashed in a virtual notebook—you have a list of things you'd like to be doing with your time before it all slips away.
Do what you have to do to take those ideas out of storage and make them happen.
You can trade and barter for a lot in life but you can never buy back time.
Go live.

Now do I follow these ideas which I preach. Like every great leader and guru - Of course not


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Animalistic attraction

So, as promised sometime ago in one of my blog posts, this is the second part and completion to one of my earlier posts which I had left incomplete called "Santa is Screwed this year" <- Why the name? Dont' ask me, I have no idea.

Last night I was talking to one of my friends and was preaching about something which you might call as the X Gene, the quality which makes some one the leader of the pack, the Alpha Male/Female. I like to call this the Animalistic attraction. 

There are some people around us who always seem to be the centre of attraction in whatever they do or whatever situation they might be in. People just tend to follow them , they are selected as the leader in every venture no matter the scale. 
They are always part of the group of people others want to be a part of. They build a following of their own without even trying. They might not realize their inner charm and charisma which they ooze out, but as in nature, the prey is attracted towards the hunter, the mass is attracted towards this individual. 

Look at history for your best examples, any great leader of the people, who the mass follows blindly be that be on the right path or the wrong, from Gandhi , Martin Luther King, Joan of Arc to Hitler , Stalin, Mussolini. Irrespective of the path which they led their followers on to (Right or Wrong) , the important fact to notice here is the dedication and single mindness of their followers of following their leader on any quest. It's this Animalistic attractions which led these quests, from one end to the independence of countries and onto the extreme opposite of genocide. 

I know many of you will not agree to what I am blabbering about. Specially the ones who have this X Gene, coz they never ever realize it happening, for them, it's the norm and nothing extraordinary. I know some of my friends who have this X-Gene. Also the people who won't agree with me are at the other end of this theory the "Followers" .I know many of my friends who would end up in this category. They also won't agree with me as they never realize that the person who they look up to or flock up to might be a natural born leader. And let's face it, who wants to accept the fact that they are not leaders but the followers. 

What makes me an expert on this matter. 'Nothing', I am not an expert, I am just an observer and I interpret my own meanings and theories from the observations made. I am not asking you to agree or disagree to me. 

Hell even I don't know which end of the spectrum i end up in, the Leader or the Follower.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Train Journey

Its 9:52 AM on Tuesday 8th February Year 2011, I am sitting on Platform 25 in Central Station waiting for the train to Hurstville . The platform is completely deserted except the 23 people who are waiting for the same train with me. I bought my one way ticket from the Self Service Ticket Vending machine located near the North Gate of Central Station which opens up towards Belomore Park.

Suddenly I hear a rumbling sound and the train arrives on the platform. It is a few minutes late. There is no mad rush to get on the train as there are plenty of seats available. People are very courteous towards each other and wait patiently while the people get off the train before the 24 people on platform 25 try and get onto the train.
We all get in, the doors close with a warning sound in a Mechanical Male voice of "Doors Closing. Please stand clear".

The 24 people who got in settle down in seats scattered throughout the train. I choose a seat on the upper deck on the left side of the train towards the middle near the window. There is no one sitting besides me on the train. The train starts to move again, we travel out of platform 25 of Central Station when there is another announcement of "Next Stop Redfern".

And the journey continues on..


Monday, February 7, 2011

Interpretation of Dreams

I am having some pretty weird dreams now a days (nights). The latest one in this series is described below (to the best of my re-collection).

If anyone understands or interprets dreams, please help me in understanding what the hell does this mean.

Me and my best friend were hanging around in my home in Raipur, and the US President had come to visit us with his whole team. Now the president was not Obama. but the actor who plays the president in the TV Series West Wing ...  , His entire team was also from the same series.

My friend and I were part of his security team, then suddenly we all were, (Me, my friend and the president and his team).. were walking on the road to my school, when suddenly some masked gun men started shooting at us, me and my friend took the president and hid in a small house (Now this house was the Government Quarter which my dad had in Simga where he was posted).

The gun men followed us and continued to shoot, Like some action movie sequence me and my friend were fighting with them with guns of our own.

Then suddenly me and my friend were on the roof of the house in Kochi were I had stayed for the past 1 year before I came to Sydney, we were just sitting around.. when suddenly.. two huge.. 8-9 feet, big fat pythons were sitting on the coconut trees near the roof, then one of the pythons started to crawl from the tree onto the roof and my friend kicked it and it went and hid in a hole in the ground.. I started to dig the hole to take it out, but it had disappeared.. (The hole was almost on the roof, although how can that be I am not sure.. i.e. ground floor on the roof)

After that I guess I woke up