Monday, December 26, 2011

Award Shaward

I have been spending my last couple of weeks moving from One house to another, err.. make that.. One City to Another... err better make it.. One Country to Another...How about .. From One Continent to Another..

Yaa.. that sounds about right..

So after I settled down and finally got a Internet connection going, I was pleasantly surprised to see a comment on a post from Sowmya Swaminathan informing me that she has awarded me The Versatile Blogger award..

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are as Follows:
1. Award 15 Fellow Bloggers
2. Inform the Bloggers of their award
3. Share 7 random things about yourself
4. Thank the Blogger who awarded you
5. Add the Versatile Blog Award picture to your blog post

Pffft... Rules.. Who needs them...

I don't know if I have 15 Bloggers to be awarded but here goes nothing..

1. Pooja Sridhar 
2. Shasha and Ashu
3. Aakriti Malik
4. Ashish Hablani
5. Aswathy Mohandas
6. Seetha Lakshmi K R
7. Ashwini

I guess that's it for now.. I will update this as and when I can..

Ohh.. almost forgot.. 

8. Bow and Tie (Of Course)

Next Thing to do: 7 Random things about me:

1. I am Shit Scared of Jokers.. Of the Toy Kind.. Which look like Raj Kapoor in Mera Naam Joker.
Why you ask me ? .. Ok even if you dont ask me I am going tell you anyways. 
This Phobia caught hold of me when as a young boy (I am still young.. But again I Digress) I first saw the Movie Mera Naam Joker, In the end when Raj kapoor is in some kind of cave with that Joker Doll.
He keeps the doll down on the ground and the Doll starts to walk and Sing with its Arms outstretched. 
Are you kidding me. A freaking horrific looking joker doll moving and singing and coming towards you with it's arms outstretched.
Who wouldnt be afraid of that ???
(Ok.. I know many of you won't) .. But does'nt matter.. I am. Period.

2. I cook really well. (Again, as many have not eaten my cooked food, I dont know how far that's true)
But I don't give a Horse's Behind. I like my cooked Food. THE END.

3. My friends say I have a really short attention span. But I like to say that I multitask.
Example: I would be sitting on my bed, with my laptop on, In front of my Laptop I would have a Paper Book open (Whatever I am reading then)
On the Laptop, I would have a Browser with atleast err...10 Tabs at a time.
Also a Movie would be playing on the laptop, in a small window, so that I can read on the browser and see the movie at the same time.
Also there would be an eBook open on the laptop. (Something which I didnt/couldnt buy in paper)
Also there would be a Game minimized on the laptop, which I would be playing at intervals of every 15 minutes or so. (And no I dont mean Solitare)

4. I love animals. All kinds of them. From creepy crawlies to cute pups to menacing cats to birds to what not.
Seems like animals are so much better then many people I know.

5. I prefer fizzy colorful drinks over coffee.

6. I cant make up my mind about anything. Every decision I take would have been changed about err.. N number of times.

7. I like to write , and I know I write like crap, I know my shortcomings, But I dont want to change.
Who the dash are you to judge me. This is how I write and that's me.

So let me see, what else is left ? Ohh ya.. Thanks Sowmya :)


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Google Talk

I don't always posts about anything related to Technology on my Blog (I keep that for Google+ )

But this time around I am making an exception where I am posting a rant which I made on Google+ here, as this is extremely frustrating for me.

I am an Android User

Rant Follows:

Frustrating new Google Talk in Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0

Hoping someone from Google reads this

And If I am missing something very obvious here, feel free to bash/corect me

I am currently running an Alpha Build of ICS on my HTC Desire.
One of my most used apps on Android is Google Talk.

It look brilliant in ICS now with all the small tweaks to UI Bravo for that

But there is one new Feature which is rendering the whole app useless for me.

The versions available till now (Gingerbread) have had a feature where you can View your friend list either by So-called Most-Popular or All Contacts.

Where Most-Popular would show you some contacts who (I am assuming) Google thinks you communicate with the most 
(Although in my case it displays people who I never-ever IM, So this list is utterly useless for me)

And All Contacts would display a list of All your Contacts sorted by Availability. (Which I always use)

Now in the lastest Gtalk which comes bundled with ICS there have been few changes:

You can view your Contacts using Most-Popular but now you have the option to sort them by Availability or Recency


But both of these options are still useless to me as the people who are displayed are the ones who I never chat with. 
Or Email for that matter, So I have no ides how or why they are in my Most Popular List

Screenshot : 

And Another Option is: Name All Friends

Screenshot :

With ICS this has also been rendered completely useless for me as this option now displays All my friends as before  , but Sorts them using their name.

So I end up with a list of Contatcs who are Sorted Alphabetically by name but are all offline.

And the people who I really want to chat with and are also available are buried somewhere down below in the long list.


Does anyone know if I am being a Dumbass and missing some option here ? 

Or if this is how GTalk supposed to be in ICS. Then sorry to say, It's completely useless to me now.

And I really really want to continue using Gtalk and not any alternates


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am Complan Boy

Teacher: If there are 10 Giraffes in a class room and each of them shakes hand with the other 9 Monkeys, What will the amount of rainfall on the Moon ?

Student: Maam, The correct Answer is Batman shot the Sheriff.

Teacher:  Wooww...that’s absolutely correct. How did you know?

Student: Coz I am a Complan Boy !!

Moral of the Story: 
Please be careful when crossing the street.

P.S. - WHAT ?? !!! You thought at some-point this would make some sense ? Did you ?

P.P.S. - Aaahh... FISH IT !! ... Yes this does have a hidden meaning. Now go away and come back when you figure out what it is


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chotu THE GIANT - Introduction

He came into my life, when I was carefree.
When I did not worry about what path my future is going to take.
What I would do in my life.
Where I would be 10 years from then.

I met him for the first time on that Winter Night in a small village called Simga, He was so happy on seeing me as if we are long lost friends, even though that was the first time we ever met.

I would like to say I knew it then that this was going to be the beginning of a wonderful life long friendship. But that would be a lie.

"Hansie" - as he was known back then (after the cricketer) was supposed to stay with my dad in Simga, while me and mom lived in Raipur (owing to my education).

So I was only going to meet Hansie once a month. Over a weekend. And that's how it began.

He would never leave my side whenever I was in Simga, always there:
Sitting under the bed I was lying on, 

Let me see what's under the bed
Or sprawled under the chair I was sitting on: 

Yup, I am still here

Or following me from one room to another and whenever I turned around, he would always be there. Standing with the intrigued look on his face, waiting to see what I would do next and how he can help.

Hey there !!
Soon after seeing how much I was attached to Hansie and he to me, Me and mom decided to take him with us to Raipur

Since he was smaller then most of the other dogs, I started calling him Chotu, and then that became his name for life.

He was the most friendliest dog that anyone had ever seen. Guard Dog.. Pftt.. No way.. not my Chotu.

He loved people. He adored being around as many people as possible. 
If you were a stranger and would come to my house. He would welcome you in.
He would sit in the middle of the room, surrounded by all guests as long as they were around.

But once you started to leave. MAN O MAN, all hell would break lose.
Chotu would not want you to leave. He would shout/scream/bark at you to urge you to stay more. According to him: "Why can't everyone stay with him. The more the merrier."

Otherwise he would never bark, forget about biting at anyone or any other dog at all.
When he would go out for his walks with me. The rest of the dogs on the street would bark at non-stop. But Chotu.. Nooo.. he would never respond. He would go about his walk merrily without a single care in the world.

His only enemy in the world were Lizards. Yes the common Wall Lizard which we have all over India, in almost every house.
If Chotu ever got to see a Lizard on the wall in any room. Boy O Boy would he get pissed. He would start jumping and barking at the lizard non-stop , Until someone (mostly me) would come and shoo the lizard away.

Most of the times, the lizard would hide behind a Wall Clock or a Tubelight. But Chotu when he couldn't see the lizard any more, he thought the lizard went to the other side of the wall. He would run to the adjacent room, to check the wall on the other side and make sure that the lizard didn't come out there.

Rats/Mice, He chased them around all day. Trying to catch them. He would duck under furnitures, get inside Cup-boards to catch hold of them.

And it's only once that I remember that he actually one. I remember he came to my room sheepishly after I heard him running around.

When I looked at him, all I could see was that he had a small tail dangling out of his mouth. I thought, that he would have killed the tiny mouse.

But Noo. He sat down at his usual place under my bed, Gently  pushed out the small mouse from him mouth, mildly held the mouse under his small paw and started licking him lovingly. In the same cute/loving manner that only a dog can lick somone he likes.

After a lot of love and affection towards, he finally let it go and the mouse scampered away under some chair, once again to be chased by Chotu

He was my little friend, and he considered himself to be my Big Brother. He was extremely protective of me.

He would sit at the door in my room and not allow anyone to get in.
If anyone spoke to me in a loud noise, they would need to go through Chotu first, he would start barking, snarling and jumping up and down at them.

And if worst comes to worst, he would grab hold of the bottom of your pants and start pulling you away. 
(One of the reasons he didn't like my brother, Coz he wore Shorts and chotu was not tall enough to grab hold of his pants)

His behaviour with each member of the family was different. 
With me: I was his little brother, a child. And he was my guardian, protector.
With my mom: He was the little one.
With my Dad: He was a brat. He would shout at my dad to get what he wanted and get his way.

Example: For his morning walks, If I was in the house, He would come and sit near my bed from 4-5 AM. And he would wait.

He would wait patiently until the time I woke up, never once disturbing me in my sleep. And once I finally wake up (whenever that would be). He would follow me around. From me brushing my teeth, to me going to the bathroom. He would sit outside the bathroom waiting for me to come out.

He had this peculiar habit. If he didn't see me going into the bathroom. First he would run around the whole house trying to find me, and then when he found my scent, he would try and push his little nose under the bathroom door to sniff and see if I am there.
And he would continue pushing his nose under the door. Until I called out to him and satisfied his query that I was indeed inside.

Once I was lazily ready to go for his walk, he would then jump around and we would go out together.

But if I was not at home, with my dad he had a completely different Morning Walk routine. He would start jumping up and down and tugging at my dad at 5 AM. Asking him to get up and take him for a walk. He would be relentless until he got his way.

I guess he particularly liked Cats, Once a Cat gave birth to a litter of kittens in our garage.

The kittens were really tiny and we were all afraid to let Chotu out in the house as we thought he might go and hard the kittens.

But one day he escaped out and after some time we found him patiently sitting near the kittens keeping guard. :)

We took him inside, but once he knew where the kittens were he would always find the opportunity to run back to them and sit quietly.

If we locked him inside the house, he would jump on sofas, climb on beds to poke his head out of the window until he could find a place from where he could keep an eye on the kittens.

So yes, He was a Guard Dog.... A Dog who guarded Kittens :)

P.S. - I started writing this post on 22 September 2011, Never thought I would publish this.
It is incomplete, and I guess it always will be..

To be Continued....


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Frustrated Festivities

WARNING: Rambling Post.. Makes No Sense.. Please be careful of your Sanity

A frustrating day in office  and then I get a mail from HR asking who wants to be the part of a Carol Singing Group .

My Reply:


Santa Claus sat on a wall..
Santa claus had a great fall..
Up above the world so high..
Like a Santa in the Sky...

Santa Santa... yes Raindeer...
Did you eat the cookie.. No Raindeer..

Santa Santa..Have you any wool..
Yes Raindeer...Yes Raindeer. 3 bags full..

Is my application approved ?


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Google is NOT a Company

Is the title too scandalous for you ? Well let me tell you the story behind it.

When I was doing my Graduation in Mechanical Engineering , I think in the year 2005, there was an Inter-college festival in one of the other colleges of my state.

One event in that festival was arranged by the Management Department of the college (The dept. which gives out MBA Degrees). The event was to give a Presentation on "Your Favourite Company".

Me and one of my batch mates , Shailesh decided to enter this competition.
(As we needed something to write in our resumes as extra-curricular activites)

We chose our favourite company as Google.

Now around 2005, In small town India, in a Mechanical Branch, people did use Google everyday whenever they went on the internet.

But anyone  hardly knew anything else about Google.

We started err... Googling for Google... collected Articles from Business Publications, downloaded their Financial Reports and what not and finally were ready and raring to have a go at this presentation.

On the D-Day we took a Bus to the city where the competition was, and borrowed someone's bike to reach the college.

Now the event was supposed to start in the morning and there were about 15 Teams including us competing.
But due to some usual delays , it got kicked off around 4:00 PM in the evening.

Each team was given 10 minutes to present and then 3 minutes where the judges would question them.

All the other teams who gave their presentations chose Traditional Companies like NTPC, Hero Honda, Bharat Petroleum etc etc..

We were the last team who were going to get a chance to speak. Just before we went on stage, I was informed that due to lack of time we would only get 6 minutes to present as the event was running too long.
I had a looong heated argument with the organizers about this to no avail and decided to take some other routes to tackle this.

Our presentation started, we took turns in speaking. We discussed about the Origin and the founders of Google, the different popular Products Search, Google Earth and some obscure ones like Froogle.
We shared the mind boggling financial numbers and the profit figures etc etc.

We had an awesome momentum going and the crowd was loving us and paying complete attention to what we were talking about.

I had specifically added some very interesting and fun images of the Googleplex in my presentation, and as soon as the buzzer went off for the 6 minutes time out. I decided to go hostile and took the crowd on my side by informing them that I have much more information to share with them, but since there college was breaking their own rules and giving me less time I am not able to, and then I started walking off the stage.

At this point the judges got up and asked me to continue my presentations as the crowd had started booing them.

So I ended up giving a 15 minutes presentation which was supposed to be 10 minutes by rule and 6 minutes , if the organizers had their way.

When the results were announced, we received the highest points in Presentation Skills, Quality of the Presentation, The Data being presented etc etc.

But the judges then dropped a Bomb Shell on us saying, they can't give us the Top Prize for the competition as the topic of the presentation was "Your favourite Company" and they said: Google is NOT a Company.


P.S. - The Judges were Professors who taught Management Subject to Post Grad MBAs.

P.P.S. - On a side note, after the event 2 very cute girls from the audience came up and shared their numbers as they loved our err...(No Idea what).. So all in all.. not a complete waste of time.. ;-)

P.P.S. - This is my 100th post on this Blog. Wooo Hoo !! .. Here's to the next 100 !!!


Friday, November 18, 2011

How to get your Code written

Having a Problem with a Particular piece of Code ?

Follow these simple steps to get the Solution:

1. Go to a Coding Forum.

2. Create a new account with a very Girly sounding name like:

3. Create a post asking for help

Hey Guys, I am fairly new to ( insert programming language ) , and I was wondering if I can get a hand with something. I am trying to write a programme which rounds infinite and predicts the future and I am stuck at the beginning :( .
Do you have any Tips ?

Thanks Guys !!

4. Check back after a Short while

18 New Comments

  • Hi I went ahead and wrote the Program for you, It was very interesting
  • I wrote it too but mine is a bit different.
  • Hey Check out mine.
  • Do you work in Infosys?


Monday, November 14, 2011

Shit IRIS Says - 2

This is the Second Post in the Series of Shit IRIS Says.
The first can be found here.

Although IRIS might not be able to make me a Burger, She is none the less very keen to help.

Now that leads me to doubt if, IRIS is just plane stupid, But as you can see, she clearly knows better.

Now that intrigues me and also freaks me out a bit, that IRIS looks like.. err.. me .. O_O

I finally had enough and thought that I would tell IRIS exactly what I think of her. But I guess she didn't like it much and now tempers rose

Ohh Oohh... Now I am royally Screwed..

And that Ladies and GentleMen, is How Terminator Began

Many more such gems coming soon.. Keep watching this space.

Phone Used: HTC Desire
You can download IRIS from here or scan the QR Code below

The Screen shots contain black spaces where I have edited out the Oh Soo.. Un-Interesting Questions and Responses. The Label Career Reads Google as it has been modified using some Root only tools.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Shit IRIS Says - 1

So I am sure, you would have heard of SIRI on the new iPhone 4S.

Well we Android guys had have voice recognition for a long time now. But then came along SIRI and the world thought, Ohh Woww.. Apple innovates again.

So one fine day, Narayan Babu sat down, and in 8 Hours made IRIS.
(Read more about it here)

And the rest as they say is History. I have been playing with IRIS for a long time now on my phone and thought I would share some of the funniest answers that my dear IRIS has provided me with so far.

Many more such gems coming soon.. Keep watching this space.

Phone Used: HTC Desire
You can download IRIS from here or scan the QR Code below

The Screen shots contain black spaces where I have edited out the Oh Soo.. Un-Interesting Questions and Responses. The Label Career Reads Google as it has been modified using some Root only tools.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Data never Lies

As we all know Data never lies.

And in today's modern day and age I guess the one giant repository of data which we all believe in, have access to and can  look up in case we need; is what else but Google.

Now the number of results a Search Query returns in Google should be a fare indication of the mind set of people in the world, as to what they think and search for.

Yesterday I wrote a post about Job Satisfaction and that got me thinking, if there was anyway that can I collect data and may be find out some rough numbers as to what percentage of people are satisfied with their jobs.

That thought led to a little experiment which hardly took all of 0.37 Seconds and I had the data at my fingertips.

Today morning I ran two queries in Google and got the below results.

Now what do you think that denotes ? I would leave the interpretation of the data up to you.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Searching for Passion

I am currently reading a Book, In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives by Steven Levy. 
When I started the book I had a preconception that this book would be about the two finders, how the company came along and blah blah.. Just like the many other books/articles I have read about Google till now.

So far I am only in the Second Chapter of the Book (so this is in no ways a book review), but the book has thrown up some surprises already. For a large part it is not only about the founders of Google, but also about the people behind the scenes, who we (the normal junta) never hear of. Who helped make what the company is today.
A group of people who are enthusiastic about what they do. They love their work and want to change the world with that they can accomplish. 

It’s this passion, this zeal, this fervor, this excitement that most of us lack. 
Yesterday I was in a Google Developer Day Summit at Sydney, where I heard Tarjei Vassbotn give a 5 minute Ignite talk about  "There and back again - a detour" about how after being falsely diagonsed with Leukimia he lost and re-found the passion for his work.

I am at a similar diversion in my life right now, (No I have not been diagonsed with Leukimia), and I don’t know what I want to do next. 

For the past 4 years I have loved what I do, I never thought that coming from a world of Machines and Engines I would so easily fall in love with this Box on which I am typing right now and enjoy writing some text to make it do what I want it to do.

My friends and family have been asking me for a long time now to change jobs, to study more get another degree, get a transfer to a different city. But I was one of the few people who is lucky enough to say that they have Job Satisfaction, that they like what they do and do what they like.

But since the past few months, that excitement, that passion is missing. I guess I am looking for a change, to find the next thing which I am interested in, searching for the next avenue to channel my passion into. So far I am afraid that I havnt found what I am looking for, So I guess it’s time to go back to the roots, try out new things, see what grabs my interest , fail couple of times and hopefully discover something what I want to do next.

I hope I am not lost for too long and if not find a new avenue then may be gain back my passion for what I do.

(For those of you who want to know more about Ignite see here)

(And if you are from my employer… Mehhh..)


Friday, November 4, 2011

First Google+ Sydney Photowalk

Thanks to +Lockey McGrath +Giuseppe Basile , +Michael Sutton & +Gretchen Chappelle and the Google Australia Team at Sydney for the Wonderful time and experience.

The below video was captured by Lockey on his Canon 5D markll

For more details see here

See if you can spot me in the video.


Press Any Key to Continue

No, Its not plagiarized. You can create your own comic strips here: Rage Comics Builder


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Google: Microsoft is Dying

Some of you might know, that I mostly work on Microsoft Technologies.
(No, and I don't mean Microsoft Office)

Even though Microsoft is my Bread-and-Butter (so to speak) I am not a Big Fan of M$ .

A long time ago when I was a Mechanical Student in college, I was surrounded by friends who were almost all Computer Science students.

They were all hardcore Java or Microsoft Fans, and I don't know why or from where the Linux bug bit me.

I started playing around/messing in Linux and after 3 Months or so when I had my feet set in, I removed Windows from my Laptop completely.

I was an alien amongst my Computer Science friends, for them it was a Sacrilege that a Mechanical guy who should be running around with Engine Parts and Grease on his hands was dipping his nose in Linux while all of the So-Called-Computer Students were mortally afraid of it. 

But time passed, I got a job in an IT firm and left my Turbine and Engine Days far behind me. And my company wanted me to work on building stuff based on what Microsoft was doing.

So here I was , A hard core Linux user/fan-boy at home, who then went to office and worked on Microsoft all day (and sometimes all night long)

In Hindi we have a Proverb: जिस थाली में खाता है , उसी थाली में छेद करता है 

Translation: You make a hole in the same plate which you eat.
I know doesn't make much sense in English Right ? )

I guess things have changed now. From a day and a time when Microsoft Ruled the Personal Computer. At-least looking at the Google Instant Search Results more and more people seem to be searching about Microsoft Dying or even Microsoft Already Dead.

Hmm.... Interesting, I guess people think that Microsoft is also going to go the same way as IBM, and the Dinosaurs .


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Google: Lazy People of the World

Ever since Google launched the Google Instant feature , Our search times have been reduced drastically, as Google starts predicting what we are trying to search depending upon what people have searched in the past.

This leads to some deep insights on the collective psyche of the Human Race, by revealing How and What people think about and want to know the answers to.

I guess with this post. I am going to start a new series of posts (which may or may-not continue in the future) about what I see when I use Google Instant.

The first in this Series: A look into how lazy we have become and we do so that we do not need to read a book or even watch a movie.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

How can you stay Mad - 2

How can you stay mad at this guy ?

This is the second post in the Series of Kitty Cuteness and what Humans can do as a result.

The first can be found here: How can you stay Mad - 1

P.S. I know this sort of humour is not for everyone. Buttt.. Mehh... The Honey Badger doesn't care


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In-Email(Flight) Passenger Announcements

Email, A very simple mode of communication.
One which I use everyday, and once when I start typing something, without any thoughts or plan , Such Emails can go Haywire.

This post is dedicated to my friend , who after getting the below email first thing in the morning, Did not murder me (Yet)

I am copying the mail as such without any edits

Good Morning <Name Hidden for confidentiality>

Welcome to another new day in your life. 
Please fasten your seat belt, Tray table band kar le, and khidki khuli rakhey...

Seat Belt: Us se kya hoga ?

Seat belt baandhney se aap ek hi jagah pe rahengey.. and life mein kisi bhi goal ke baare mein focussed rehna bahut zaroori hai....

Tray table: Us se kya hoga ?

Tray table band karne se aap apney life ki choti choti luxuries ka tyaag kar rahe hai..But agar aapko life mein kahin pahuchna hai (in this case your flight destination) aapko tyaag karna bahut zaroori hai ..

Khidki Khuli: Us se kya hoga ?

Khidki khuli rakhney se aapko naye naye cheezey dikhegi... jis se aapko naye naye ideas aayengey.. 
Agar aap Kursi peti baandhney (Concentrate on your goals) , Tray table band karne (Make small sacrifices) ke baad bhi apney goal/destination tak nahi pahuch paa rahe hai, to yahi khuli hui khidki aapko naye ideas degi..

Waah Waah.. :D .. Non Stop bakwaas mein to main ekdum expert ho gaya hoo :D ,..

I smell a Blog post coming up :D ;-)

Now enjoy your day knowing ki your daily quota of Awsome Gyaan has been filled up B-)

As they say... if you have friend like me, who needs enemies


Monday, October 24, 2011

I crave for Mediocrity

  • Mediocre 
  • Ordinary 
  • Unexceptional 
  • Typical

Some of the classifications which we all want to break free of. Everyone wants to make their mark in this world. To stand out from the crowd. To Boldly go where No Man/Woman has gone before.

I have a friend who inspires me to think differently. 

Her daily struggle is to be Ordinary, not to stand out from the crowd.
She craves to be one of the millions of faces who you forget as soon as you see them.

She desires no special attention. She wants to be just one of the Gang.

Honouring her wishes, I will not share her profile or her blog link here, as I would be then doing the exact opposite of what she wants.

She is an Autistic and an ORDINARY human being.

You know who you are.

P.S. : Just a humble request to all. Treat everyone as your equal and as Bill and Ted said: Be Excellent to each other.


Whatever comes the Easiest

As usual , his SPAM Folder was full of offers where people from Africa and Oil Rich Countries were ready to transfer all their fortune to him.

He had again won about 2346 different lotteries.

And he also had many lucrative job offers from companies in different countries and all he had to do was transfer 100$ to them for paper processing.

But then one such SPAM mail caught his attention, It wasn’t so different from the others in the folder. Nor did it have the single shred of authencity about it.

But the name of the Company in the Subject line caught his fancy. 
(The Spammer of-course had no connection to the company what-so-ever)

It was the same Company which he had admired since his days in the University. 
The same company which he aspired to work with since the day he had touched the wonderful and magical machine.

But then, he knew that he won’t do anything about it. He had always been taking the easy way out.

Instead of chasing behind his dreams, he always settled. 
He always settled with whatever came the easiest.

He was not a warrior, he never challenged the Status-Quo, he never longed for more then what was available to him.

He was one who THEORITICALLY didn’t believe in “Destiny” or “Luck” or “Fate”.
But I guess he was a Hypocrite, who never tried to make his own destiny.

He only travelled the path which was laid out before him. He took the turns which were offered to him.
He was never a TrailBlaizer, He was never the one who would put his life on the line and pave the untrodden path.

He would inspire people to to try out different avenues, different adventures, do something diverse with their day to day life and he would also lead them and show them the way.

But when it came to his own life, The things that really mattered. The things that shaped his next 10 years to come. 
He would always back down and would continue on what came next.

He dreams every single day of what he could have done with his life, or what he can do, or what he should do. 
But never gets to doing it.

He settles with whatever comes the easiest. 


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Google+ Photowalk Sydney

Well today is the big day for all of us here in Sydney Australia we have our first ever Google+ photo walk hosted by Michael Sutton , Gretchen Chappelle and Giuseppe Basile and supported by Lockey McGrath from Google and many more Google employees.

As of the time of creating this post we have 144 people registered for the walk.

We will be walking from the Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park making our way down to Circular Quay then up to Observatory Hill where Google will be putting on drinks for everyone.

During the walk today we will be visiting a few of the Art and About exhibits more can be found about them at and for the iPhone users coming yes there is an App for that at

The QR Code attached is the route we plan on taking today.

Scan the code --> Click View when the page opens --> Open the file in Google Earth/Maps

RSVP by filling out this form here ---> 

4pm @ Archibald fountain in Hyde park.
Link to google maps here --> 
We'll check out a couple of Art&About installations in the city (see cool photos of the art from Andrew Quilty ), make our way through the botanical gardens and finish up around Circular Quay.

Any camera type is welcome from disposable film, smartphones right up to high-end DSLRs.

After the photowalk we're going to cool off with a drink or two around Circular Quay where we'll get a chance to mingle & check-out each others photos from the day.

Hope to see many of you there.

Information for this post has been taken from Giuseppe and Michael posts on Google+