Friday, May 10, 2013

Uncertain and Relative Food Objects

Shrijeet Roy Choudhary: Can someone please explain.. On an All-India-Level what is a Phulka, Roti,Chapathi and Paratha..

Every few 100 Kms the definition completely changes..

Priyanka Roy Chaudhury: This question coming from Google Baba Shrijeet Roy Choudhary?

Shrijeet Roy Choudhary: Coz there is no right answer..

So what you made is not a Phulka.. Its like Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle combined into one object...

The name of the object you made is always uncertain and relative.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Life is awful because Dragons are extinct

print("Hello World!") 

It has been a long time since we last met, a lot has changed since then. 

  • The human race has progressed into what some of them assume is the year 2013. (Idiots).
  • Game of Thrones Season 4 is proving to be really Epic. 
  • I have started reading more of Ender's Adventures (Before the movie comes out this year and spoils everything).
  • I am working close to 12 hours everyday. (Resulting in this blog being neglected)
  • Winter is coming !! (The Aussie One, and not in Westeros)

But some other things remain the same, such as the ailments of the heart. So when one of my friends pinged me on IM today with a question:
(6:33:54 PM) Korean Friend: why is life soo swfulll
(6:33:58 PM) Korean Friend: awfulll
(6:33:59 PM) Korean Friend: *

(6:34:13 PM) Roy: All because Dragons have gone extinct
(6:34:20 PM) Roy: Scientifically Proven

I blurted out a random response without thinking (as usual). But then this response got me thinking, as to how (if I wanted to) would go about proving this wild response.

So here goes nothing:

The world as we know it today is driven by data, statistics, logic and intelligence.

We are all so engrossed in our small/big devices with screens trying to stay connected to the world, trying to find new forms of entertainment that we are losing out on the greatest source of entertainment that most of us carry with us all the time: "Our Imagination".

There is very little room left in the modern world for wild imagination, flights of fancy and wishful thinking.
Example: If I want to bunk office tomorrow (being a Monday), I would not be able to make an excuse such as...err.. my Dragon had a cold so I took him to the vet.

Or if I get late to an appointment: "Sorry, but there was a lot of traffic on the Dragon Freeway , so I had to fly all the way around Castle Black."

If I did give such explanations I think I would then be able to permanently "Swipe-Out"  from work and "Swipe-Into" a mental institution.

So you see even in this case,a reason with Dragons in them would eventually serve the purpose , but in a more..err.. permanent way.

Very few of us are happy, we always crave for something, be it an object or a person. It might not be achievable in real life, but inside your head. Anything is possible !!!

You need to master your imagination/thoughts and not become a slave. Just as you need to train your dragon, you need to train your imagination.

Feeling Sad - Think Happy Thoughts, Imagine funny scenarios, ignore the pain and suffering.

Stuck at Home - Why not take a fishing trip with your Dragon and so on ..

So you see life's has become so limited with Dragons not being around. Who knows what would be the endless possibilities if each of us had a dragon.

P.S. - As each Dragon is more of less a Walking/Flying WMD, their presence might also result in World peace with end to every war, (that or humans would destroy each other.)