Monday, December 28, 2015

Awesome Indo-Thai Chicken Recipe

So as you all know I was the finalist in the Australian version of Master-chef Australia. 

Ohh wait.. Australia is where Master-chef started…. so does that mean that Aussies don’t need to say ‘Master-chef Australia' as it is the original version and every other country adopted it there after so everyone else other than people in Australia need to add the country name at the end of the show name in this case? But anyways, I digress.

So yes, going back…Me .. chef…chicken…. cooking… Recipe.

It all started one long weekend when on the last day of holiday I woke up late and felt really hungry, but it was already at that awkward time of the morning when you are no longer sure if it is time for breakfast or if you maybe possibly wait another 30 minutes its socially acceptable to call it lunch time.

So as any responsible adult would, I made the choice and ignored both those choices and went out in search for a cup of coffee. 
I smell coffee over Yonder

Which during the holiday season is a very difficult quest as all the usual cafes are closed and the only places open are things like *GASP* Starbucks (The evil overlords of the Coffee Empire).

I have heard that in Sydney if you are seen in a Starbucks and not a naturalized citizen you are deported for going against the proud Aussie Coffee Culture. Which may or may not be a myth but I wasn’t risking my neck to find out.

So naturally I grabbed my trusty umbrella as Google said it might rain…. during Summer…( Yeah )

Ohh wait.. have I told you about my awesome umbrella yet ? I think I have told everyone who has ever been in hearing distance of me about my umbrella but maybe not you. So last month I bought the Ferrari/Lamborghini/Rolls Royce of Umbrella’s , this thing has been wind tunnel tested to live through hurricane level winds and is certified to be used in case you have a parachute malfunction during skydiving and float down to the ground like Marry Freaking Poppins. 

Why is there a Ghost in this picture?

On the quest to find a cup of coffee there were many obstacles, namely people walking their really cute/awesome/fluffy dogs/pups. So after getting distracted and stopping every few feet by a Husky, a boxer, a Labra-something-doodle I finally found a café open and also managed to get lost as I had been walking blindly for quite some time listening to my Audio books.

Did I tell you about Audio books? Specially the ‘Harry Dresden’ series by ‘Jim Butcher’ I have been listening to? It is about a Wizard in Chicago who is a private investigator and helps his clients, cops, fairies, vampires, priests in their cases. He is what Sherlock Holmes would have been if Holmes was accepted into Hogwarts.

But anyways.. I digress… What were we talking about? Chicken something wasn’t it?