Monday, September 5, 2011

My Cubicle Lovestory

These 3 guys spent the whole day together in that cubicle. They shared the same desk and hung out together most of the time.
Although they had arrived from different places and at different points of time, but now they were comrades, The best buds that ever were.

They were from different races and their skin color was different. 
One had squinty eyes, other rectangular evenly spaced eyes and the third. My oh My The Third.. 
If you only can look at his eyes, you would be mesmerized and be awestruck by the beauty, the symmetry, the uniqueness in those eyes. They held in them a secret which only one who has spent a lot of time with the third could comprehend.

Then one day SHE arrived at their desk, and it changed everything.

She had skin as fair as the maidens of lore, a skin so smooth that you would not be able to control yourself from not touching her. And when you did get to touch her, your hands would slip and slide on that smooth screen. 

But behind this outer persona of gentleness, she was as tough as they came. She has weathered all the storms in her life , her rough edges had been smoothened out after battling these very storms, she had journeyed a thousand miles and was now here.

But no one cared about her story. All that everyone saw was how beautiful she was and no one bothered to look beyond the beauty at the pain and suffering which went into making her what she was now.

The three guys, the three friends, the three best buds took one look at her and all of them where in love.
They couldn’t take their eyes off such an exquisite beauty. They were glad that she had come to the same cubicle as theirs.
Each of them considered themselves to be the true worthy aficionado for her. Each of them believed that she was meant to be their soul mate.

Voices were raised, tempers flew and then suddenly when it seemed that the three amigos would be at each other’s throat and their friendship would be lost and gone forever over the fair maiden.

Suddenly the office lights came on and Shrijeet was back at his desk. He lovingly looked at his 3 car models arranged them on his desk and put the stone back in the cubicle drawer.

And thus the tree amigos got back to their daily routine and another day in the life of the Cubicle began 

Characters in the Story

Amigo 1

 Lamborghini Reventón

Amigo 2

2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8

Amigo 3


The Fair Maiden

A stone picked up at Bondi Beach Sydney

The Cubicle



Srideep said...

Get the Dodge Charger instead of the Challenger. Its the original Bad boy car

cosmic_wanderer said...

In search for both the old Charger and Challenger.. The new models dont do them justice :)

Unknown said...

Who cares about the Charger or the Challenger- Get the TUMBLER !!

sush said...

lol- different kind of post. enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Loved it... the fair maiden part is the best.. smooth skin... :) :)

cosmic_wanderer said...

@Sush - Thanks , Alas , But I keep on getting such different (Polite way of saying Weird) ideas

@Seetha Lakshmi- :) Thanks, Indeed the smooth skin was a result of the countless storms and the weathering by the mercyless ocean which the stone had to bear to come to its present form

anatreek said...

Y are they behind the stone??..:D

cosmic_wanderer said...

@Ana_treek Think of it this way.. How come car models fell in love ? :O

The Narcissist said...

Oh boy lol. You must have played with a lot of hot wheels cars as a kid :D

cosmic_wanderer said...

@Abhishek: Sigh... those good old days

KP said...

Oh like Flintstones.. back to stone age..! funny post!

Shasha said...


cosmic_wanderer said...

@KP..Yaba Daba doooo

@Shasha: :D

Soumyadeep said...

wonderful post...u kept people indulged and curious in the whole story...

Aakriti said...

haha....very cool..indeed that Fair maiden is so smooth..;)havent seen such a beautiful pebble ( ok..lets not insult the Fair Maiden;)

btw Shrijeet...reconsider this sentence it needs to be edited "Voices were raised, tempers flew and then suddenly when it seemed that the three amigos would be at each other’s throat and their friendship would be lost and gone forever over the fair maiden." do u mean to say that the maiden went away just when the 3 frnds were at cut throat competition? i didn't get it...sorry grammatical problems lag rai hain:P

cosmic_wanderer said...

No, "their friendship would be lost and gone forever over the fair maiden"

I don't think there is any mistake there. What it means is that they were about to lose their friendship fighting over the maiden

Aakriti said...

That's what I thought too..but maybe I was reading it in a diffrnt tune:P.okies.gratsi:)

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