Thursday, December 8, 2011

Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Google Talk

I don't always posts about anything related to Technology on my Blog (I keep that for Google+ )

But this time around I am making an exception where I am posting a rant which I made on Google+ here, as this is extremely frustrating for me.

I am an Android User

Rant Follows:

Frustrating new Google Talk in Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0

Hoping someone from Google reads this

And If I am missing something very obvious here, feel free to bash/corect me

I am currently running an Alpha Build of ICS on my HTC Desire.
One of my most used apps on Android is Google Talk.

It look brilliant in ICS now with all the small tweaks to UI Bravo for that

But there is one new Feature which is rendering the whole app useless for me.

The versions available till now (Gingerbread) have had a feature where you can View your friend list either by So-called Most-Popular or All Contacts.

Where Most-Popular would show you some contacts who (I am assuming) Google thinks you communicate with the most 
(Although in my case it displays people who I never-ever IM, So this list is utterly useless for me)

And All Contacts would display a list of All your Contacts sorted by Availability. (Which I always use)

Now in the lastest Gtalk which comes bundled with ICS there have been few changes:

You can view your Contacts using Most-Popular but now you have the option to sort them by Availability or Recency


But both of these options are still useless to me as the people who are displayed are the ones who I never chat with. 
Or Email for that matter, So I have no ides how or why they are in my Most Popular List

Screenshot : 

And Another Option is: Name All Friends

Screenshot :

With ICS this has also been rendered completely useless for me as this option now displays All my friends as before  , but Sorts them using their name.

So I end up with a list of Contatcs who are Sorted Alphabetically by name but are all offline.

And the people who I really want to chat with and are also available are buried somewhere down below in the long list.


Does anyone know if I am being a Dumbass and missing some option here ? 

Or if this is how GTalk supposed to be in ICS. Then sorry to say, It's completely useless to me now.

And I really really want to continue using Gtalk and not any alternates



uesnyc said...

I was actually pissed about the very same thing.. was doing a search for a solution. that's how I found this post.

uesnyc said...

BTW: I shared this post to all the google/android and android bloggers on G+

Unknown said...

I feel honored to give the Versatile Blogger Award to you! Check it out below:-

Anonymous said...

did you got any solution for this.
if yes could you please mail me at

Anonymous said...

Damn I've got the exact same problem

polycom ip 550 said...

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S 2 with updated OS 4.0. I also installed Google talk to experience the best VOIP service. So far, so good. I've never experienced any problem yet.

cosmic_wanderer said...


You are talking about VOIP and Android So I would assume you meant Google Voice and not Google Talk.

This post is about Talk

atom said...

Wow. Just got my first android phone... coming from blackberry, I can't believe this seemingly simple feature is missing. I'd love a solution

atom said...

Wow. Just got my first android phone... coming from blackberry, I can't believe this seemingly simple feature is missing. I'd love a solution

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