Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Soul Walker

We walked everywhere together.. from the sandy beaches..
To the lush green forests
From enjoying the early morning dew drops on the grass
To dipping our toes in the brook
Then one day he left me..

Left me to go to fight another man's war
I was alone.. waiting.. sad...
Thinking he forgot me.. and would never be back

Then he came back.. Yes !! Can you believe it !! he was back home
Back from the war
But.. what is this ? .. Why is he not coming over to me.. Why does he not greet me and take me with him on a long walk

Why is he sitting on that chair with wheels, being pushed around by others



Anonymous said...

War story from flotters prospect.


Anonymous said...

Why war? when accidents are frequent.


Anonymous said...

July Independence.

- DP

cosmic_wanderer said...

"Why war? when accidents are frequent."

For accidents, we dont have a choice, but for people who fight in the wars, they do.

roses said...

Marvelous post....

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