Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The people who loved food

These are the Facts:
  • John and Jane were madly in love.
  • The only thing that John and Jane loved more than each other was their common love for Food.
  • John and Jane lived and worked in one of the newly built Megacity-Super Structures, where an Individual can spend their entire life time and never step out of the building.

This is their Fate:
  • One day John heard rumours about this amazing new restaurant who are pushing the boundaries of what culinary sciences could accomplish.
  • So of course John and Jane decided that they should go and explore the restaurant.
  • The only problem was that it was not situated in their own MegaCity.
  • So John and Jane decided that they should hop on an Airplane to fly to the Megacity to eat at the Restaurant

    Is this Fiction?:
    • It was a pleasant day when they boarded the plane and took off to go accomplish their dream.
    • But their plane never landed, and they were never heard from again.
    • Rumours say that their was never any such flight which took off.
    • Rumours say that their was never any such MegaCity.
    • Rumours say that their was any such Restaurant.

    Who Am I ?:
    • Just a Rumour


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