Friday, June 19, 2009

The Downward Trend Continues...

Its been one of those weeks. Where nothing seems to go right in your life. Be it work. Your personal life. Your health. The World's Financial Situation. Everything just goes one way. DOWN.

No matter how hard you try, No matter what you do, Things just go the opposite way.
It seems that fate/destiny
(which I dont believe in) is on a mission to screw you.

Why do I say this. The week started off with a continuation from the left over stresses of last week. I was emotionally bugged and fed up with my life. So as always I was day dreaming. And this time, dreaming while riding. And the next thing I know, I hear a big crash and am flying above the road like a superman and landed around 10 feet away from where I started flying.
Both my palms GONE. Both my knees GONE. One elbow GONE. One foot GONE.

I dont wanna bore you anymore with my bodily ailments. So to summarize. I am hobbling on one leg and typing with one hand :)

Looking forward to some crappy times ahead...



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