Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why should Life Move on ?

Just like I have, I am sure you would have also heard this phrase at least once in your life. When things go wrong. When life screws you. When you are unhappy. When you loose something most precious to you. Everyone has this age old adage to add. “Don’t worry Life Moves on”.

Everyone expects you to forget things, forget your wishes, forget your fantasies, your goals, and your aim. They expect you to stop dreaming and get down to reality. Face the hard facts that you have lost. You couldn’t achieve what you had set out for. That you are a loser. That
FATE dealt you a bad hand. That it was written in your destiny. It was not meant to be. They expect you to deal with it and move on.

I disagree with such people. Why
SHOULD life move on? Why should people be content with what they have? Why not strive endlessly for something they could not achieve at the present moment. Of course I agree that it would lead them to pain and misery for a short time during the pursuit. But when the goal is achieved, the satisfaction, the happiness the contentment achieved can wash away any hardships, any pain, any sorrow, any wounds inflicted upon the way.

But sometimes, this does not hold true. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can’t get back what you have lost in your life. Sometimes you wish you were GOD to turn back the clock, set the wrongs and right, undo things and get back what you have lost. But that’s not possible. You are not God and you have not created a time machine either I suppose.
So my dear friend at these times what would you do? Do you
DEAL WITH IT, forget about it. Let it go. Or in other words, MOVE ON IN LIFE?

I leave that for you to decide. I am not a preacher. I am not some guru to show you the divine light and set the wrongs right.

I am just a human being who knows in his heart, what he would do. When the next time someone says
“Move on in Life”.



Hemant said...

A heart poring post..seems as if it came after one told u "Life moves on"....everyone has his own way to deal with failure....

Aami said...

It's really hard to accept when someone says "Life moves on" when we are in trouble.. But time will teach us life really moves on, as change is the only permanent thing in this world...

Nice write up..keep writing.. :)

cosmic_wanderer said...

@Hemant : Exactly.. Thoughts differ for each individual, and everyone needs to come to a situation on their own terms

cosmic_wanderer said...

@Remya: Thanks, Its the change which I dont agree with, but then again, every individual makes their own decisions.
Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you soon again

Abu said...
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Abu said...

Profound thoughts

Liked the title of your blog!! "Ass on fire takes you higher" wish I could use it as my official signature!! :D

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