Friday, December 24, 2010

New Year and a New Trend

As my avid readers would have noticed till now, that all my blog posts are extremely well researched and backed up by scientific proof and years of careful observation and research.

Thats what makes this blog stand out from all the ones you see on the right side of this page under the heading Fellow mumblers. They write whatever they want to. 

But not me. I know I have a higher purpose in life to relieve mankind from its narrow minded thoughts and philosophies and fill it with all the blullshit crap (Have you noticed how these two words mean the same thing but are often used together as if they would mean something else. But again: I digress ) theories that I dish out on a day to day basis.

But all that ends now. I am going to start a new trend in the new year. I am also going to be like the millions of other bloggers out there, and write without whim or wish and write small posts about whatever comes to my mind at any point of time in a day. Be it a one liner or a 1274 Page epic (Work in progress-- but more on that later)

So for today.. Its:

Eurekkaaa !! I just rewrote Murphy's Law:
The probability of a problem occurring is directly proportional to the amount of confidence that you have that a problem will not occur.

In laymans's terms: Whatever can go wrong..will go wrong.



A Nonsense Intellectual said...

Hey Bhaggu :D tere ko sach me kuch hogaya hai... time to take a break! :P

cosmic_wanderer said...

:D Thanku Thanku... I take that as a compliment :$

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