Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa is Screwed this year - Work in Progress..

Two posts in one week. Woww.. I must be on a roll. Considering that I have only written 4 posts in 2010.  As usual, I have no theme in mind (yet), so bare with me.
It's time for Christmas and New Year now, time for making new year resolutions yet again, but do take a heed of what were your resolutions of last year and how successful have you been in keeping them ?
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Just thought of something to write about.  Now this post is going to go the same usual way of me preaching more of my useless philosophies/theories so please feel free to close the browser tab (Yes Tab as I hope you are still not using IE 6).
Last night I was talking
to one of my friends and was preaching about something which you might call as the X Gene, the quality which makes some one the leader of the pack, the Alpha Male/Female. I like to call this the Animalistic attraction.

There are some people around us who always seem to be the centre of attraction in whatever they do or whatever situation they might be in. People just tend to follow them , they are selected as the leader in every venture no matter the scale.
They are always part of the group of people others want to be a part of .......... ehhh.. what the hell... I am bored... So this post ends here now... and I am gonna publish this right away.

P.S. As you can probably tell (and if you can you must be a freaking genius) .. I started writing this couple of days ago, got busy and had to leave it half, and now I am in no moood to complete this today.
May be I will pick this up later and complete another one of my Bullshit theories.

UPDATE: I did complete this theory and it can be found here: The Animalistic attraction



A Nonsense Intellectual said...

I still DO NOT agree! :P

cosmic_wanderer said...

I will complete my unpublished theory one day and then the whole world will agree with me.. Buhahahahahaahha....

but i know you wont :(

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