Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Karimeen Day

Time for the obligatory Valentines Day blog post.

My Fan base of psychology students (across 4 continents) have been complaning that I have not written anything yet on V day and that they have been desperately refreshing my blog since morning (in their respective countries) hoping to read my insighful insights on the inside working of the human psyche and the various complicated emotions that it is capable of.

Well guess what Mr.Chinese Chyropractor. You are going to be  disappointed. I do not comply to your wishes and as you are none the less familiar with one of my most famous and often quoted quotes. "I write what ever comes to my mind. And what often comes to my mind is Horse Manure"

So all of you (It includes the retired Lawyer from Alabama and the house wife from GreenLand) who were expecting a mushy marshmallow of a post about love , sex and other ailments of the heart. You are going to be utterly dis-appointed today.

But who knows, may be I will grant your wishes tomorrow. So come back later. Or as we say to the omnipresent beggar in India "आगे जाओ बाबा , बाद में आना "



A Nonsense Intellectual said...

Fan base of psychology students? lol :P

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