Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Train Journey

Its 9:52 AM on Tuesday 8th February Year 2011, I am sitting on Platform 25 in Central Station waiting for the train to Hurstville . The platform is completely deserted except the 23 people who are waiting for the same train with me. I bought my one way ticket from the Self Service Ticket Vending machine located near the North Gate of Central Station which opens up towards Belomore Park.

Suddenly I hear a rumbling sound and the train arrives on the platform. It is a few minutes late. There is no mad rush to get on the train as there are plenty of seats available. People are very courteous towards each other and wait patiently while the people get off the train before the 24 people on platform 25 try and get onto the train.
We all get in, the doors close with a warning sound in a Mechanical Male voice of "Doors Closing. Please stand clear".

The 24 people who got in settle down in seats scattered throughout the train. I choose a seat on the upper deck on the left side of the train towards the middle near the window. There is no one sitting besides me on the train. The train starts to move again, we travel out of platform 25 of Central Station when there is another announcement of "Next Stop Redfern".

And the journey continues on..



Nikhi said...

its courteous shri.

and well its a mundane routine which we all follow and name it so whereas there are instances everyday which differ in character and the journey, significantly or non significantly, gets altered.

we are just not sentient about it.
the description is nicely written though.

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