Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day to Day..

Did I tell my readers that I gifted myself a new laptop this Christmas. If I didn't before, I am telling you now. 

The layout of the keys on the new keyboard is very different from what I had before and so I had a lot of issues in typing on the new laptop. But now I have started to love to type on this new one. I love the feel of the keys on my finger tips. How they make this unique sound when I bang on them uselessly. 
And its this satisfaction that I get from this new keyboard that I am sitting here on this Saturday evening trying to write something again.
But why do we or more specifically I still say that 'I am writing something' .. Isn't  that incorrect ? Shouldn't I be saying that "I am typing something" ? 

But then again I don't know , when it comes to doing something creative (Yes I do consider my blog posts to be a creative work rather then non-sense, you might not agree with me but then again, I am not WRITING here to get your approval .. but again I digress) I feel that using words like TYPING sounds too inanimate.

Last year was a year of changes for me, and I am getting a feeling and that time has come again. When I should get off my lazy ass and make some changes to my life.
But then again if you look at the main title of this blog ASS ON FIRE TAKES YOU HIGHER, I truly and whole heartedly believe in it. That unless there is some extremely compelling reason which leads to making a change in life , no one is ready to get off their assess and do something about it. 

Or to put it simply. Unless your ASS is on fire. You are not going to move higher.

My Boss saw my blog some months ago and I don't know if he was amused or inspired or what other feelings it generated in him, But he has since started using in his extensively large compilation of MANAGEMENT JARGON , this new Theory as well, called the AOF Theory (Ass on Fire Theory). This theory basically states that what I already stated ............. err..above.
(Wow, I used the word basically. This proves I am still a true Indian at heart)

I have again fallen into a rut in my life and need to shake things up a bit. Challenge myself by looking at new avenues, new directions and may be a new career path. But again, I am in my comfort zone, the money is good and so I am stuck. I need to apply my own AOF Theory on myself and prove that its not just some useless Management Jargon with no real life implications at all.
Hope I can do something about it. Will keep you posted how things go.

Well thats all for now folks, I need to start doing something else which is very important for day to day survival, and so I will end this post here.

Its surprising that after a really long time, I almost started dishing out my useless crap philosophical theories again. But good that I stopped before things get out of hand.



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