Thursday, March 31, 2011

Indian = Cricket Watcher ?

Amongst all this hulla-baloo of the Cricket World Cup, I being someone who does not watch cricket (or at-least not on his own, with friends maybe) has forced me to think about some questions ?
Why is there an outlook amongst our countrymen that "If you dont follow cricket you are not an Indian ?"

What about the many many other sports which us Indians play and excel in and are gold medal winners and world champions in ? Why is it that the emotional psyche of a country only tingles when it comes to the game of Cricket and we are lathargic and incoherent towards the other sports we excel in.

That brings me back to the Original Question: 'Are you not an Indian if you dont watch cricket ?'
Well then I would assume a large..a very large portion of the freedom fighters who fought and died to gain our independence were not Indians at all.

Weird that we are an Independent Nation because of people who were not even Indians and died for a country which is not even their own.



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