Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Its a Loong Story...I will tell you later

Areyyyy Yaaar (or add your own salutation)... Its a looong story....I will tell you some other time...

This is one of the most common sentences which we all use.

(At least I do..So as always, I will generalize this statement and assume that you reading this right now, use this sentence a lot as well. If you disagree with me... 

Well I don't care...you should have written something on your own then right ? .... But again I Digress)

When someone says to me it's a long story and then refuses to divulge the details. I feel intrigued, curious and impatient until I know each and every detail.

And till the time I don't know the story. I imagine what the long story might be.
For Example:

Situation: Someone is late to work and tells me that its a long story why they are late and will tell me later.

What I start to Imagine: 
Woowww... Interesting, The Creature (in search for a better name and since I am not gender biased) is hiding from me why creature is late to work. Something definitely very interesting must have happened today. Like .. ??

Ohh... Ohh... I know... Creature's house must have caught fire, which would have been caused by the exploding army tank in front of creature's house, which would have been present there to fight the alien mothership hovering over creature's house , who would have arrived to earth to find out the secret to Life, Universe and Everything.

Finally satisfied with my brilliant reasoning I would go back to work, knowing that I have successfully solved the Enigma of Creature being late.

Until, the Darn Creature would come and tell me that creature was late coz creature missed the bus today morning.

DAMN You Boring, Uninteresting, Unimaginative Reality. Why.. O Why do you always spoil the looong story.

P.S. : As I hope many of my readers already know that the answer the aliens were looking for is Pssstttt............... 42.



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