Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Silent Noose

Happiness or Despair - (Call it sadness/depression if you want to).

Am I the only one here who talks to himself ? 

Oh No!! Wait. You right there with your hand on the touch-pad or the mouse, sitting on the chair, lying on your bed or hanging from the ceiling with a noose around your neck.

I know you. I know you used to talk to yourself. You had wonderful and profound conversations with your inner-self, until that fateful day. When someone overheard you two talking.

And since then the inner voice won't answer any of your questions. It has gone Silent.

You have lost your best friend , some one who understood most of your problems, even though you two may not have agreed to everything , actually I remember all the arguments which you had.

The late nights when you stayed up arguing about the cosmos, philosophy and anything under the sun.

But now those days are loong gone. And that's the reason, I can see the noose is out and the voice is gone and dead.



Unknown said...

very nice....

Sachin said...

Such disillusionment, Shri chetta?

I'm planning to leave everything and move to a Tibetan monastery. Care to join me?

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