Thursday, June 14, 2012

Potty Time Songs

As is generally the case on this blog, the below poem also came out from a spontaneous  chat conversation I was having with a friend, 

You dont need a Hotty.. 
When you have a Comfy Potty..

A Hotty gives you shit for whatever you do..
A Potty takes all the shit you pass her to..

For a need to learn to press the right buttons..
For a Potty.. There is only one.

A hotty makes you run around, Round and Round..
Press a Button and in a Potty everything goes down

You need to buy perfumes to make your hotty smell good..
Well a potty smells..Err… as every other potty should

So listen up my friend..
Forget about the Hotty. When your potty is God Send !!



Ruchi Sunandan said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! ROTFL.. Really liked!

Sameer Rajimwale said...

ROTFL... hah aha too good.. Roy... who reminded you of this topic! ?? :)


S.V.Sai baba said...

Congratulations! You are on my list of recipients of the Versatile Blogger Award. You may want to check out how this works and whether I had anything nice to say about you at the award post at:

cosmic_wanderer said...


Err.. This kind of humour is not everyone's pot of tea, Glad that you liked it

cosmic_wanderer said...

@ Sameer,
My new roommate :P

cosmic_wanderer said...

@Mr S.V. Saibaba,

I am honoured and glad that you liked my mumblings enough to grant me this award.


Danny Simon said...

Haha! Good one!

anatreek said...

My god!!..the potty will be eternally grateful to u! :D

TTT said...

rofl !!!!

Lalita said...

hilarious n crazy is this n u as well

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