Friday, June 15, 2012

Sign Language

Today while riding to work, I saw a little girl standing on the footpath on the side of the road, with a school bag on her back, probably waiting for her bus.
She was standing all alone in the bustling crowd, with a very depressed expression on her face lost to the world staring at her feet.

I was stuck in traffic at this time (Yeah its Bangalore) and couldn’t move. For a moment she looked up probably to search for her bus and we ended up staring at each other.

I had this urge to go and ask her what was wrong, why was she gloomy what was worrying her?
But due to the traffic and me being in the middle of the road on a bike and she up on the footpath, that didn’t seems a viable possibility. 

The Signal turned green, I moved on, but a thought was stuck in my head.

What if everyone in the world knew Sign Language? Wouldn’t it be much easier to communicate with each other? 

You wouldn’t need to be within hearing distance of each other, if you can see the other person and their gestures; you would be able to communicate.

With similar thoughts spinning around in my head , I soon reached the next signal and was stuck again. This time there was an Uncle on a Bajaj Scooter besides me (I didn’t know scooters still existed) so seemed lost. 

He turned to me for what I am assuming was to ask for directions to some place. But he was speaking in Kannada and I don’t speak the language. 
After a few hand gestures I was able to convey to him that I do not understand what he is trying to say.

By this time the signal again turned green and I moved on leaving the Uncle behind. When suddenly another weird thought hit me.

Do Sign Languages also have err.. different languages ? Is the English Sign Language different from let’s say the Chinese Sign Language ? Would a person from one country be able to communicate to a person from another country using the sign languages they have learned in their own countries?

I have not had the opportunity to find out if Sign Languages indeed have different Languages. If any of you know do let me know.



Aakriti said...

This was a sweet pOst! And haloooo!:) it's been long! I was in Bangalore last week. U ask relevant questions in this post of urs, sigh... I too don't have the answers. But yes google can help, I think:)

am said...

why have different languages at all i feel! we all humans....hmmm actually all living beings....should have a common language...the language of love! :) too mushy i know it sounds...but aaaa i dunno something like telepathic....or how our pets understand....or how, if at all it happens-love at 'first sight' or the jaadu ki jhappi :) i think it works for all ethnicities! I feel sad for that lil girl too...i feel sad especially when i see troubled old people. More than anything or any language or anything again....what needs to be taught to each one of i think...compassion. Now you saw the plight of a person from a distance. I wish someone near her helped her. I know im rambling away from the topic. so lets stop here!

PS: still thinking ...

Danny Simon said...

I guess the deaf n dumb do have their own sign languages! ANd then there's the sign languages between the closest of friends and even lovers! I guess it takes time to understand and respond to them!
Well written!

Pooja Abhay said...

Oye...stop talking bad about Bangalore traffic! Doesn't it help you stare at pretty girls? :p

But, on a serious note, sign language can get a tad bit confusing. It can go all wrong and then there is always the fear of getting hit for no fault of yours.

And Bachhe Kannada sikhadoongi, mere sharan me aaja :p

And, like always, entertaining post :)

Rickie said...

What interesting questions to ponder on!

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