Monday, January 24, 2011

Is Microsoft Word Dumb ?

For the past few weeks/months. I have transformed from using one Microsoft tool to another.

Previously I used to work in Microsoft .Net and SQL Server tools. But for the past many months I have been using Microsoft Word, writing great/giant/huge epics of Documents, which I am not sure if anyone even reads or not.

I must have ended up writing millions of words on white virtual papers and uploading these documents to Documentum for others to read and follow my instructions.
(How much of the instructions are followed is left to everyone's imagination)

This extensive use of Microsoft Word has led me to realize one thing. If you are using the Queen's English and using some heavy-duty words which do not make sense to the general public, then there is a great chance that those words do not make sense to MS Word as well.

Now as my avid readers can easily understand that I abstain from using these flowery words when I write for them on my blog, but when I write at work I have this habit of using exuberant words in technical documents. Maybe its my way of rebelling against the norms of Technical Writing which dictate "DO NOT THINK !!" . 

Its my way of bringing a little bit of flourish to the readers of my official documents and may be bring a smile to their faces (or force them to dig out a dictionary).

Now its this point of dictionary which has led to my growing hatred of MS Word. It doesn't understand many of the words I write and when my writers use  "Right Click > Synonyms" , it doesn't offer them any choices at all. 
In a way its a good thing as hopefully it would force them to dig out that dictionary/thesaurus (Yes these are actual books with pages in them)

Anyways.. its 8:15 PM and I need to get back to completing another one of those long never ending documents before tomorrow....



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