Sunday, January 30, 2011

Movies Imitating Life or Vice Versa...

(Keeping up with my new trend of writing short and quick posts about whatever comes to my mind. Here goes another one)

Suddenly one day when you are sitting around doing nothing at all.. Chilling on another weekend watching a long list of movies downloaded from the internet (Illegaly), there comes around a movie about which you have never heard before, have no expectations from it what so ever.. and then it happens.. something clicks in place.
That EUREKA moment when you realize "WTF !!.. Did they make this movie on my life ?" How can real life be so uncannily similar to a movie.

This has happened to me more then once now, and the last time this happened... err.. actually its happening right now. I am watching a movie which seems to be inspired by my life, what's going on in my life right at this moment.. Its freaky.. So freaky that I have paused the movie and sat and started banging on my keys again writing this.

But one thing which I have noticed that although these movies imitate the real life, the end result which comes out is never the same.. Something or the other gets screwed up (either in real life or in the movie)...

I just got this weird idea.. what if we could choose which movie our life should imitate? 

What would be your choice of film which you would like to live through?
For me , I would probably end up choosing some sci-fi/fantasy epic (I am a sucker for those) .. or some sappy old love story..

Do let me know what movie of your choice you would want to live, in the comments below . (Although I am sure I am not gonna get any comments again).

Thats it for now..I need to get back to this movie I am watching to see how it ends.

P.S. : Don't ask me which movie I am watching. I don't want you to know whats going on with me.



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