Monday, February 7, 2011

Interpretation of Dreams

I am having some pretty weird dreams now a days (nights). The latest one in this series is described below (to the best of my re-collection).

If anyone understands or interprets dreams, please help me in understanding what the hell does this mean.

Me and my best friend were hanging around in my home in Raipur, and the US President had come to visit us with his whole team. Now the president was not Obama. but the actor who plays the president in the TV Series West Wing ...  , His entire team was also from the same series.

My friend and I were part of his security team, then suddenly we all were, (Me, my friend and the president and his team).. were walking on the road to my school, when suddenly some masked gun men started shooting at us, me and my friend took the president and hid in a small house (Now this house was the Government Quarter which my dad had in Simga where he was posted).

The gun men followed us and continued to shoot, Like some action movie sequence me and my friend were fighting with them with guns of our own.

Then suddenly me and my friend were on the roof of the house in Kochi were I had stayed for the past 1 year before I came to Sydney, we were just sitting around.. when suddenly.. two huge.. 8-9 feet, big fat pythons were sitting on the coconut trees near the roof, then one of the pythons started to crawl from the tree onto the roof and my friend kicked it and it went and hid in a hole in the ground.. I started to dig the hole to take it out, but it had disappeared.. (The hole was almost on the roof, although how can that be I am not sure.. i.e. ground floor on the roof)

After that I guess I woke up



Sachin said...

This is my interpretation of what it might mean. The first instance is a scene of a fight where you are trying to protect the President. I guess this could mean that in your real life, there's a conflict that involves you and and an important person in your life(depicted by the President in your dream), and someone else (depicted by masked men) is trying to harm this person and you are trying your best to protect this person.

The second scene is also similar: 2 pythons could signify 2 people who are interfering in your life and you are trying to 'kick' them away from you.

Anyhow, fights and struggles in dreams usually indicate stress and conflict that you can't directly handle in real life, hence it takes the form of masked men and pythons. Think about it and let me know if it makes sense.

Unknown said...

I am the bloody hero in ur dream.....woohooo...i fight pythons and masked men....its like Inception meets my interpretation is u r watching a weird combo of movies and missing me too much... ;)

Nikhi said...

well its creepy but i think you should just keep writing these weird things which pop in your head......they are an insight.....

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