Monday, April 25, 2011

Force vs Object

Some of the millions of my readers would know that I am a Comics Fan, and not only the adventures of our very own Chacha Chaudhary (not related to me) and Sabu , but of any super hero, villain, Star Wars or what have you.

What happens when an irresistible force meets an Unmovable object? I started thinking about this quote when I was watching The Dark Knight for the Nth time. 

Watching the Joker and Batman have a go at each other made me think about some more points: 
Who would win if Hulk and Superman fought each other?

Well in the case of Joker Vs Batman the good guy always wins. So we end up seeing Batman defeating the Joker in almost all of their encounters. 

But when it comes to Superman Vs Hulk. Both are Heroes. Both have super strength. But Hulk has the advantage of not having any of the morals of Superman and not caring about the collateral damage which he dishes out in his fight.

On the other hands Superman is Super Smart as well, or at least smarter than the Dumb Hulk (Duhh..). So I guess that evens out the playing field a bit.

Anyways.. I really should get back to reading the absolutely humongous collection of the Star Wars comics which I have accumulated. So until the next time, May the force be with you.



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