Friday, April 8, 2011

Position of Power

No don't  be worried I am not going to be talking about Politics here. I am not a political person or support any parties etc etc. (More on that later)

Right now what I want to talk to you about is something not very different from what a political party does when they have a vast majority in a democracy. They can be fearless and implement their own policies without being scared of their allies withdrawing support from them.
(I know... I know I said I won't talk about politics and that's exactly what I am doing here)

But as all my faithful readers know I write in one shot, i.e. once I start typing about something/or nothing at all, I don't pause or stop in between in thinking what I am writing about or ponder about the direction my post is moving along. 
I laugh on the face of people who talk about the condition called Writer's Block.. (but again I digress)

So getting back on topic, What according to me is a Position of Power.
I would say when someone holds an authority over you, where YOU KNOW that (consciously or Sub-consciously) their action/re-action/words would put you in such a situation where you back down from your own beliefs , where you would act in such a manner where if it would have been left to you , you would never think think of doing something like that.

So whats the stimulus which produces such a reaction. In the case of political parties its the number of members of parliaments who threaten to withdraw support from the ruling party and in the case of us human beings, the stimulus is mostly always an emotional pull. 
I would not use the words Emotional BlackMail here as that's not always the case, Many a times the person in the position of power does not even realize the power they hold and that this power is being implemented on someone else. 
So no even though it seems obvious to many that the person in a Position of Power is some one who applies Emotional Atyachaar, I don't think so.

And beware if you contradict me, since I am the Alpha and I am the Omega, I am the dusk and I am the dawn...
I am the supreme creation on this planet and Beware you puny little human who dares to contradict me even in thought, I shall smite you with a fury the likes of which you have never seen before.



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