Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Friend Zone

Couple of weeks ago during a random conversation the topic of Friend Zone and came up and I was surprised that people are not aware of (the dangers of) Friend Zone. 

So for the benefit of fellow Human Race (mostly Guys I guess) let me try and describe what this weird phenomena is.

"Friend zone" describes the way most women stop seeing a male friend as dating material after a certain amount of time has passed, even though she might have begun dating them had he acted differently when they first met.

Say there is a man called Rahul of average attractiveness and a woman called Priya. 

Rahul meets Priya. 

Priya thinks "This guy seems nice. He's quite funny and reasonably good looking". 

Rahul doesn't ask Priya out, but they see each other at social functions. 

After a while, Priya stops seeing Rahul as a nice guy who is quite funny and reasonably good looking, and just sees him as My Friend Rahul. But oh no! Rahul realizes he's secretly madly in love with Priya and begins trying to hang out with her more and more. 

Because Rahul loves Priya, he stops behaving reasonably and starts doing anything just to spend time with her and help her out. Eventually, he summons his courage and confesses his love for her. But Priya just feels uncomfortable and confused. She doesn't want to lose her friend, and she feels pressured by his feelings for her. 

To be honest, Rahul's been a little needy and pathetic lately, hanging on her every word and catering to her every whim, and that's not really very nice. And after all she's really attracted to him because he's just My Friend Rahul. So it's not Priya's Fault.

Let's read that again: "IT'S NOT PRIYA'S FAULT". 

If Rahul had the kahunas, he would have had a chance when they first met but he messed it up by not doing anything about it. When he finally got his act together, the friendship that developed actively interfered with his potential of getting the relationship to the next level.

That my FRIENDS is being friendzoned.
(Did you see what I did there ?)



Pooja Abhay said...

Hmmm..interesting post. Infact, highly recommended post for all guys :)

cosmic_wanderer said...

Absolutely !!

I have seen many of my guy friends, Who wouldn't dare to reveal their feelings and later crib and cry and curse when they get rejected.

SIGH.. If only we all could use and enjoy the benefits of free speech in this society, The level of confusion would be minimized

Unknown said... all too familiar situation...wisdom for the ages my boy !!

cosmic_wanderer said...

For the betterment of the Bro-Kind, we shall endeavour

manan guju said...

its not that guys dont know this, its jus that they are dumb enough to forget.
yup that came from hindsight:)
theres an interesting take on "the zone" in coupling, a brit comedy.. if sitcoms is oyur thing too

cosmic_wanderer said...

Thanks for the tip Manan, will surely check it out

Anonymous said...

Flirt! Flirt some more :D

It indeed is true, once friendzoned it is not an easy task from there on.

Aakriti said...

Woaaa...u literally explained this 'prospective'relationship so if u were deriving a theorem:P...:D..haha

Anyway...hope u are doing well. was away for a while, but now I'm bk8)

cosmic_wanderer said...

@Chintan - Absolutely, The best way to avoid being FriendZoned is to Flirt since Day 1, SO that the other party involved never can quite classify in you the (dreaded) FRIEND Category

cosmic_wanderer said...

All those years of Useless Theorems do take their toll on the psyche :(

I am good, Glad that you are back :)

cosmic_wanderer said...


True, The Age old Adage may be Cliched but still holds true, It's better to have lost and lost.

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