Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Sign from the God's ?

In most of the movies (at least from the 70s), when the hero doesn't know what to do, he would be in a temple, in front of God and he would get a sign from God, a Flower falling off the status or some such weird co-incidence.

Seems very filmy, But I guess I had the err.. Bad Fortune to experience such a similar situation.

Now at the beginning of November 2011 when I was working in Sydney, I was told that the team I was currently working for needs me back in India, So I have to travel back.

At the same time, when Leads from 2 other teams heard of this , they offered me a place in their teams to stay on in Sydney and work with them instead.

And I had to decide what I need to do, (And if you would have read some of my older posts you might know how bad I am at taking a decision)

As usual, I was confused, confounded, dumb founded as to what my next course of action should be, Stay on in Sydney or go back to India and see what it leads to.

One of my older posts also contained the information that I walk to work everyday with my head phones on and music blaring in them. I usually have a playlist of about 600 Songs which play on Random.

So this was one of the same days, when I was walking home, confused as to what my decision should be about where I want to work.
When Suddenly this song started playing: At  that time the Lyrics could not have been more appropriately written for me.

I shit you not when I say this, The Song was:

Oh nadaan parindey
Ghar aaja..
Ghar aaja..
Ghar aaja..
Ghar aaja..
Kyun desh videsh phire maara
Kyun haal behaal thakha haara

Kyun desh videsh phire maara
Tu raat beraat ka banjaara

Oh nadaan parindey
Ghar aaja..

A freaky co-incidence ? A Sign from the God's ? You decide.

All that I know is that the next week, I turned down the offers I had and now I am back in India.

So it's time to change my About me Page, From saying location Down Under in Sydney, I have to change it to err.. Down..err.. In Apna Bharat Mahaan.

In God's Own Country, Lovely Kerala. 

P.S. : For those of you who don't know this song, There you go:



Pooja Abhay said...

Aah..now I know where God was missing from past few days, he was helping you out eh? Can you send Him to me for some urgent problem to be solved? Thanks in advance!

Welcome back Shrijeet :)

cosmic_wanderer said...

I have taken your application to God.

It is pending with the HR Department in Heaven.
Please be patient. You would be answered before the end of the Financial Year.

P.S. Thanks for the welcome :)


Unknown said...

Sab funda hai....NRI ladki dekhne aaya hai.phir bhaag jaayega wapas..Non Reliable Indian !!

cosmic_wanderer said...

@Shady.. Shhhh..Shhhh.....

Zor se nahi boltey..Ye andar ki baat hai

VARUN.K.R said...

ya can think its sign of god, and can think the other way too, but when the result get positive we say its due to god, when result gets wrong we curse ourselves for taking that decision. typical Indian way :)

VARUN.K.R said...

i forgot to say. your posts are very different, but simple, that makes it unique.

N.S.Kirti said...

i incidentally LOVE this song :)
hated the movie though.
its really nice that you figured out what you wanted at the end.
everything will happen for the best now(thats what my mom says :P)

Anonymous said...

superb song
loved the lyrics
kagar dagar mori itani araj toose chun chun khayyo re maas
......khayyo na do naina mohe piya se milan ki aas
oo nadan parindey ghar aaja...

check out my blog

cosmic_wanderer said...

@ Varun, Thanks Man,
A very astute but spot on observation on the Indian Psyche :)

cosmic_wanderer said...

@N.S. Kirti

All the mom's say similar things, and of course Mom's are Always right :)

Aakriti said...

waah waah.....kya baat hai!! Kerala....wow! I still have a lot to explore in South.The backwaters and so much more...
Music has that thing in it, it can strike u and even speak for u. Sometimes I just wish if we could have tunes as our status updates..not links, not videos, but tunes:)

cosmic_wanderer said...


Kerala is truly God's Own Country when it comes to the Natural Beauty of the place. It's absolutely gorgeous, from the planes to the sea to the Mountains

cosmic_wanderer said...

Well.. Err.. Home is not Kerala, But ya, none the less, I love this place. :)

I guess I will never know if it was a co-incidence or a Sign,

Just that the end result is pleasant (So far) :)

gwl said...

good blog............

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