Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dandiya on Feet

So today is again going to be one of THOSE blog posts where I take an Email I wrote, modify (fill in Bull Excreta) it and then post it here.

This weekend in Sydney, Us three Roomies/Amigos. Think of us as the Dil Chahta hai, Zindagi na milegi na dubara Gang or something, but much better than them. We scoff and laugh on seeing ZNMD on seeing the public going Ooooo… Aaahhhh…. On watching those actors getting paid and then using Computer Graphics to show them sky diving or diving or what not. 

I laughed my ass off when they showed that doing sky diving changes your life’s perspective… err… as we do those things every other weekend. 
Be it fly in a jet plane..crawl through underground caves, Surf on sand dunes, explore forests on long bush walks/treks, run marathons, win medals for them, climb trees and swing between them (No STOP thinking of Tarzan and Monkeys), and what not.

Haa…take that you Hrithik Roshan. Katrina should be kissing me and not you, YOU YOU… married dirty old man.

So long story short. Stop believing in filmy stunts and start doing things on your own. Sheesh.. I myself sound like some Filmy movie dialog, like Darr ke aagey SHRIJEET hai..and sell fizzy drinks BUT AGAIN... I DIGRESS!!!

So last week on Thursday evening, we suddenly started planning for a camping trip to Devils Hole Campground in Barrington Tops Rain Forest. But since it was the second last weekend of Winter, before Spring officially begins in Sydney and one of the Amigos had not been to Snowy Mountains (for skiing

At 4:30 PM we decided to go on another Ski trip to Snowy mountains. Locations and mountain peaks were searched in 15 minutes, accommodation was booked. Vehicle was booked and we were ready to depart the next day Friday at 4 PM.

Winded off work early and moved out at 3 PM from office.
(If you work in my company and are on a higher position then I am then read the above line as I worked hard till 10 PM)

This time, we had decided to take proper Skiing lessons  and not like last winter where we pretended to stand on skis and pose as if we were skiing.

So Saturday morning, Location: Mt.Selwyn. 
Classes from 11:30 AM for 2 hours. Where they taught us not to Fall, Stop and Turn.

Super Confident Bum

I was able to learn the not fall. And stop part, but couldn’t learn the turn part.

So I just kept on going straight from peak to bottom of slopes... this worked really well for most of the slopes.. (There were many slopes with greater steepness and difficulty)

And once the classes were done then from 1:30 PM..we were free to go to any peak.. and do what we want. There were ski lifts (Chairs which take you from bottom to up on the peak, like a rope way) .

Skied through Lowest Difficulty Slope.. Easily.. Didn’t fall..
Skied through Medium Difficulty slope... not so easily.. But still didn’t fall. The other two amigos both fell here.

Felt Super Confident and then went up to one the steepest peak on the mountain. Super duper high... and super fast. 

What happened next you can see in picture below. Which I drew (Yes I know I paint like those Manet ..Monet Guy). I will explain in detail below

UPDATE: Mehh... One day ends here..and now I need to leave for home So whatever I write after this I am just trying to somehow complete this post in which I have lost all interest in now. Why So ? Details here.

I fell once head over and heals, then when I completely turned around (while falling) my skis got stuck in the ground, like poles so fell again. And kept on tumbling for many feet.

Then stopped, stood up, was super tired. I never knew you can sweat so much in the snow. Seriously !! I was completely drenched in sweat under the warm clothes in Negative temperatures.

Somehow stood up at this point was in the middle of the slope, so there was no option, other then going down.
So started skiing again downwards, and fell 3 more times before I somehow, like a Zombie (not skied) down to the bottom. 

And by this time the other two Amigos were taking video which you can see below



Anonymous said...

hehe :) how i wish there was an actual pic of ur falling down :)

Anonymous said...

haha! love ur guts btw. truly-darr ke aage shrijeet hai. but u do look kinda scared in the video...

cosmic_wanderer said...


Err.. Yes, the video is me coming down (finally) the steepest slope.. after having tumbled down 2/3rds of the way :( ..

So was just being as you say "Cautious" ;) ..

Warnaa to... main to... you know to.... etc etc...

Aakriti said...

Gosh!!I envy you guys for having so much fun!!!Here I'm in academics with all those abstract, philosophical things to read and to write!!:|really that's fab! I won't say it all over again abt how fun-e ur posts are!!(ok i just did:P)..haha..the video was funny too..more than that ur frnd makes it sound funny!

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