Monday, August 15, 2011

Non Reliable Indians

In the ISHPIRIT of Desh Bhakti and all that.. I refused to work for the Firangi's today and took a Day off from Work....

What did you do for your Country today ??? 
Other than posting Happy Independence Day and changing your Profile Pic to a Flag ?? Huhh ?? Huhh ??

Bharat Maata ki Jai and all That !!!

P.S. : The above screen shot has been Anonynananamized for Privacy of my friends.

P.P.S : As Always the Number of Likes and Comments can be used to guess the Sex of the FB User.



A Nonsense Intellectual said...

Uss pic me mera bhi hai :O

cosmic_wanderer said...

:D :D .. Ya as always you top the top news na ;) :D

Rim said...

I dint update my fb status or change my dp.. But I DID sing the national anthem (slo-mo version) in the middle of the night, with a couple of friends!

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