Sunday, May 1, 2011

At a movie theatre, which arm rest is yours ?

Most of my blog posts are a direct result of Emails or IM conversations which I have with my best friend. I either copy the mails with lots of what I call Gyaan and what my friend calls NON-Sense or I take some small line from the Chat Conversations and turn them into full-fledged Gyaan.

Today is another one of those days. This is a result of a Facebook Status Update which was:
The Great Unanswered Question in Life 'At a movie theatre, which arm rest is yours?'

Now what I am writing here is an elaborated version of what I commented on Facebook.

Assumption: The theatre is full and there are no empty seats available.

I will be addressing the person who has gone to see the movie as what else but PERSON.

Scenario 1: Person goes to the movie theatre alone. 
So there would be two unknown people sitting beside Person, with whom Person is not acquainted with and has never met them before.

Solution: With some luck or some fast movements in this situation Person can acquire both the arm rests. Luck: Person goes into the movie theatre early (before his neighbours come in) and captures both the arm rests.
Dexterity: Person waits for the exact time when the situation is right, when the neighbour removes his hand from the arm rest. At this moment Person pounces and takes control of the arm rest.

Result: Person only needs to repeat this activity twice and once Person has acquired the control of the Arm Rests needs to make sure that the tables are not turned on Person and that Person does not loses control of the Arm Rests.

Scenario 2: Person goes to the movie theatre with Person’s friends who are sitting on both sides of Person.

Solution: This is a winner takes all situation. Person needs to fight and claim the arm rest in this scenario. And since Person is there with Person’s friends we hope that they won’t mind some friendly competition and pacifist aggression.

Result: Cannot be predicted. Depends on Person’s ability to bout. 

Scenario 3: Person is there with Person’s BoyFriend/Girlfriend, Let’s call him/her as Creature.

Solution: If ideally our dear Person has any brains the tickets purchased would be at a secluded corner of the movie theatre. And Person would be sitting adjacent to the wall with Creature alongside. Now since Person is close to the wall one arm-rest is automatically acquired. And since Creature is sitting beside Person and if Person is still looking to attain an arm rest then I am sorry to say but Person is the biggest Douche Bag around. In this situation Person should not be looking to acquire an Arm Rest from Creature’s seat but acquire Creature’s Arm/Hand itself and enjoy a hopefully good movie.

Result: It’s a WIN WIN Situation for Person.



Nikhi said...

hee hee.......;)

Unknown said...

what a coincidence, i saw a movie today (Thor)and i was faced with the same dilemma, but since it was a friendly atmosphere so i got the arm rest with ease (no one messes with the great one)

Anonymous said...

My partner and I really enjoyed reading this blog post, I was just itching to know do you trade featured posts? I am always trying to find someone to make trades with and merely thought I would ask.

Aakriti said...

This made me not only giggle...but laugh!! wow...loved it to the happened with me the scenario where I was trying to grab the armrest when I was eyeing at it...for perfect timing;)..
wow...wt sarcasm u called the gf/bf a "creature"...and yeah surely the person will be a douche bag if he/ she is still looking for an armrest if that creature is sitting beside..:P..

cosmic_wanderer said...

Woww Aakriti, Thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked it.

I hope that in your own endeavour to grab the arm rest you would have succeeded with a final swoop at the perfect timing.

Regarding creature, I am always in a dilemma as to what I should call the characters, when I write something.
I dont to be too specific.
Not be Gender Biased (and face the wrath of Woman Kind)
Not worry about the Grammar too much and all its nuisances of He/She/It..

So I have taken to this practice of calling them What else.. A Person is a Person :) ..


Aakriti said...

hmm...ya. guess u are good at "being safe than sorry":)...thnks for coming by at Yarn of ~Words:) blog wouldn't mind ur dozes of humor;)
happy Dussehra!!:)

tike mik said...

Captain Obvious' special power only appears in predictable movies. Captain Obvious might say things like, "Did you see that jump?" Which movie do you think we're watching here captain? Or, "That's the guy from earlier, remember he was in the background when so and so died." Although Captain Obvious may seem like a pretty annoying movie talker, there is one more movie talker who is far worse.


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