Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The WTF Moment !!!

Good Morning my millions and millions of readers.
(Atleast the 324 of you who read my blog yesterday)

Its winter in Sydney as of now, and so being a True Indian I am sick and cold with a throbbing head and a leaky nose so had to bunk office for the day. 

Came back home and was going through the Google Analytic data for my Blog and noticed that a lot of new traffic and visitors are arriving at my Blog through a site called http://www.bindass.com

Now since I had never heard of this site decided to investigate further.

(Why the sleuthing you ask me.. Well there have been cases in the past where my blog posts have been posted as reference material for company info .... Weird considering how much I blabber and know about my own job... But again.. I Digress)

So on reaching this site, I realized that it belongs to a TV channel by UTV, and on digging in further reached this place. http://www.bindass.com/blog/

Which ranks the Best Youth Blogs in India

UPDATE: And No I didn't submit my Blog to this site. I guess I have some fans/stalkers as well :D .. How Exciting :D

And the good people of this site have ranked my Mumblings as the Best Personal Blog Rank #1 

Rank #1 !!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes I did use the exclamations marks) .. Me.. Number 1 ... Thank You Thank You.. !!!!! (Yes more exclamation marks)

I have not been Number 1 in anything since.. errr.... School I guess.
(Where I was always number 1 - Yes I gloat)

Here comes my Oscar Thank You Speech...

(Imagine me with tears in my eyes
First and foremost I would like to thank... errr..na.. dash it.. I don't want to thank anyone. I fully desereved this.. Oh no.. wait.. Yes I do want to thank someone.. I want to thank my fellow blogger and friend without whom I wont have any material/Gyaan to dish out.

Other than that... err... Naa No one.. 
(Yes I know lame speech..Maybe when I get my Booker Prize I would do better)

And to http://www.bindass.com and the TV Channel. I promise I will watch  nothing else on TV other than your channel when I go to India in July.



Priyanka Chowdhuri said...

uff! what a celebrity ur now! i wonder if you will be mobbed right at the airport itself!!
and plz get me a gorillapod when u come, or else i am gonna leak ur whereabouts to all and sundry! but am sure u wud get used to the adulation by then!;)

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