Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Its a Macro world after All

This is turning out to a Good week so far.
In the past couple of months I have turned into somewhat of an Amateur-Wannabe Photographer.

I just own a simple point and shoot, a CANON IXUS 105 which I carry around everywhere now a days.

Now I follow the site called Gizmodo religiously and they have these Photography contests every once in a while based on different themes.

This time around their theme was Macro Photography, and I decided to send one of my pics as an entry. I didn't win of course being the complete noob I am (just look at the other entrees and the brilliant work they do in clicking those pictures, I can't even imagine to win anything there), but the good people at Gizmodo published the picture I had clicked on their site. Which is as good as the grand prize for me. 

Thanks Guys :) .. Your motivation is motivating me to put on a DSLR soon on my Christmas Shopping List.

Link to Contest.
Link to My Entry



Priyanka Chowdhuri said...

awesome! ur getting to be a qte popular netizen!

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