Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Curious Case of the Nimbu Lemon

I have spent my childhood reading endless stories of Mr Holmes and his sidekick Dr Watson , of how Ms. Agatha Christie solves the most baffling of mysteries so easily.

They have always inspired me to solve if not murder than at least the small everyday mysteries that surround us.
(Wow I have already used the word Mystery a lot. But again I DIGRESS)

So getting back on topic on what I am calling as 'The Curious Case of Nimbu Lemon'

It all began one fine day when I started seeing a lot of posts on (where else but) Facebook about a funny picture which you can see below.

I felt very angry and amazed at all my friends who were making fun of this simple road side vendor who was clearly onto something which we all the EDUCATED LOT didnt and couldn't comprehend. 

I tried to convey my feelings by convincing the people who were making fun of (what I was convinced was) the sheer genius (although no one knew how it was genius) of this Humble man from India.

At this point of time after posting this comment, I had no idea that I was onto something here. It was a comment made in haste and without much thought.

Days passed and I forgot about this picture and comment.

Then suddenly today, I opened my fridge after having dinner to get some water and saw this

I am not really sure if we get this in India or not, I for one have not seen these drinks in India yet.

They are Soft Drinks called 'Solo' . And they come in 2 varieties, one in a Dark Green Bottle with a Dark Green liquid and one in a transparent bottle with a light yellow liquid.

They are more or less the same lemonade like and my fridge is always filled with them (or their empty bottles with water in them)

Till today I never gave them a second look and kept on drinking, and suddenly today after dinner when I opened the new bottle (Dark Green one) , I saw something and had one of those EUREKA !!! Moments. When everything fell into place. The whole universe was in harmony and everything suddenly made sense.

What did I see you ask ? Well see for yourself:

After looking at this above view, all the questions about the humble road side vendor and all the ridicule he had to go through when I believed in him suddenly made sense to me again.

It finally dawned on me like one of those Godly lights and I was once again convinced of the brilliance of the Un-Named Road Side Vendor who had the vision and the intelligence to distinguish between his products when us the educated lot ridiculed him.

I hope after seeing this picture above you understood what I am talking about and are with me in unison praising the Vendor. If your Eyes of Ignorance are still closed see details below:


Right.............. now for the those of you who didn't understand the brilliance. Lets have another closer look at the two bottles.

Dodgy Photoshop Alert

Now please concentrate on the areas marked on the two bottles in red.
You would obviously see the difference there:

  • Original Lemon
  • Lemon Lime

That is exactly what I had commented while defending the poor vendor on facebook, one is lime and other is lemon.

If you still don't know what the difference among them is then please concentrate again on the areas marked in the above pictures in Blue

You would see that both those areas depict a small tree with some fruits on them, the number of fruits on both the trees appear to match as well, but lo and behold what about their colors ?

And that my friend is the ball game right there.

  • Lemon - The yellow वाला  stuff which is सादा लेमन - 8 Rs.
  • Lime - The green वाला  stuff mixed in it is नींबू लेमन - 12 Rs.

So my friends and readers what we couldnt comprehend and grasp, the humble vendor did.

I bow to thee O Vendor. You Who shall forever remain Unknown and Unnamed.

And with that, I declare this case of the Nimbu Lemon. Closed and Solved.



Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Waah aati uttam. Unlogical logo ki maa ki aankh kar di tumne toh :P

SKblog said...

Nice..Hope people going there to drink would ask whats the difference?

Kusum said...

Interesting ... I too had noticed that many do not understand the difference :)

Aakriti said...

WHat a mystery to be resolved Mr.S! You indeed enlightened ur readers..Mysteries like these need to be solved..and what wit do u have! Indeed a genius;)
Lemon and Lime...Gratsi!
Oh! But this doesn't rhyme:D

Anonymous said...

Glad to read this blog! Keep it going!

Anonymous said...

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