Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Frustrated Festivities

WARNING: Rambling Post.. Makes No Sense.. Please be careful of your Sanity

A frustrating day in office  and then I get a mail from HR asking who wants to be the part of a Carol Singing Group .

My Reply:


Santa Claus sat on a wall..
Santa claus had a great fall..
Up above the world so high..
Like a Santa in the Sky...

Santa Santa... yes Raindeer...
Did you eat the cookie.. No Raindeer..

Santa Santa..Have you any wool..
Yes Raindeer...Yes Raindeer. 3 bags full..

Is my application approved ?



Deepak Karthik said...

LOL :)
I tried singing this, my brother came to my room and asked am i alright :P :P :P

cosmic_wanderer said...

haahaa.. Deepak.. Sorry about that :D ..

As I said: Please be careful of your Sanity

I guess I should add another DISCLAIMER: Please be careful of how other's perceive your Sanity ;-)


Pooja Abhay said...

I have been rather dull today. Not the usual me. The first smile on my face today has been after reading :

"Santa Santa... yes Raindeer...
Did you eat the cookie.. No Raindeer.."

From smile I have moved onto laughing. I can picture you singing this. I like insanity and this post is completely insane :D

Thanks Shrijeet :)

cosmic_wanderer said...

Glad I can help.. :)

P.S. Next time you feel low let me know and I will shoot a video of me singing and upload to You Tube, then you won't have to imagine this


Aakriti said...

haha.....nice one....even the thought of ppl who do NOT like to sing being called for participating in the carol singing is a an amusing one...and u make it even more amusing:P

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