Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Google: Lazy People of the World

Ever since Google launched the Google Instant feature , Our search times have been reduced drastically, as Google starts predicting what we are trying to search depending upon what people have searched in the past.

This leads to some deep insights on the collective psyche of the Human Race, by revealing How and What people think about and want to know the answers to.

I guess with this post. I am going to start a new series of posts (which may or may-not continue in the future) about what I see when I use Google Instant.

The first in this Series: A look into how lazy we have become and we do so that we do not need to read a book or even watch a movie.



Kanthu said...

Good idea. But the search could get even more interesting than 'Which book'..;-)

cosmic_wanderer said...


Exactly, this is only the first post look for more in the coming days.

Unknown said...

You actually cant blame people for the dumbledore one....either read a 700 page book or wait for the damn movie... !!

GeetS said...

hmm v right!!

Hair Hair Hair

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