Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Searching for Passion

I am currently reading a Book, In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives by Steven Levy. 
When I started the book I had a preconception that this book would be about the two finders, how the company came along and blah blah.. Just like the many other books/articles I have read about Google till now.

So far I am only in the Second Chapter of the Book (so this is in no ways a book review), but the book has thrown up some surprises already. For a large part it is not only about the founders of Google, but also about the people behind the scenes, who we (the normal junta) never hear of. Who helped make what the company is today.
A group of people who are enthusiastic about what they do. They love their work and want to change the world with that they can accomplish. 

It’s this passion, this zeal, this fervor, this excitement that most of us lack. 
Yesterday I was in a Google Developer Day Summit at Sydney, where I heard Tarjei Vassbotn give a 5 minute Ignite talk about  "There and back again - a detour" about how after being falsely diagonsed with Leukimia he lost and re-found the passion for his work.

I am at a similar diversion in my life right now, (No I have not been diagonsed with Leukimia), and I don’t know what I want to do next. 

For the past 4 years I have loved what I do, I never thought that coming from a world of Machines and Engines I would so easily fall in love with this Box on which I am typing right now and enjoy writing some text to make it do what I want it to do.

My friends and family have been asking me for a long time now to change jobs, to study more get another degree, get a transfer to a different city. But I was one of the few people who is lucky enough to say that they have Job Satisfaction, that they like what they do and do what they like.

But since the past few months, that excitement, that passion is missing. I guess I am looking for a change, to find the next thing which I am interested in, searching for the next avenue to channel my passion into. So far I am afraid that I havnt found what I am looking for, So I guess it’s time to go back to the roots, try out new things, see what grabs my interest , fail couple of times and hopefully discover something what I want to do next.

I hope I am not lost for too long and if not find a new avenue then may be gain back my passion for what I do.

(For those of you who want to know more about Ignite see here)

(And if you are from my employer… Mehhh..)



Unknown said...

Mid-life crisis already !! I loved the last MEHHH !! :P It is so UP YOUR'S but still IT'S NOT !! Talk about effective communication !!

Vishal Kataria said...

Monotony is bound to set in. Considering your thirst for knowledge, you must be a dynamic person. Job satisfaction forever is only for people who can repeat the same routine over and over again and be secure in it. Enjoy this feeling also; it's great fun... :)

Pooja Abhay said...

Yes, it is important to find a job that you are satisfied with and enjoy doing and am lucky to be doing exactly that.

PS: Your post lifted my mood. I have no idea 'how and why' since it is not one of your funny posts. Maybe it is just the way you write.

cosmic_wanderer said...
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cosmic_wanderer said...

@Shady... Well I guess all those EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION LESSONs sessions organized by the company did pay off. ;)

cosmic_wanderer said...

@Vishal ...

Job satisfaction forever is only for people who can repeat the same routine over and over again and be secure in it

Very well said buddy, I completely agree. Just need to power through this.


cosmic_wanderer said...


Happy for you that you like your job :)

And Ahaaa... Atleast my misery did help someone to be happy :D

Livelyboost said...

none of the state refreshes mind if variety in life's situation dips:):)

Anonymous said...



Aakriti said...

this post is an old one....swam through the waters? did u ?;) its so darn important to enjoy what one does, for if work is good, all ends up being good!:)

PS: Ofcourse u knw bttr, work shall beckon me soon:P

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