Thursday, November 3, 2011

Google: Microsoft is Dying

Some of you might know, that I mostly work on Microsoft Technologies.
(No, and I don't mean Microsoft Office)

Even though Microsoft is my Bread-and-Butter (so to speak) I am not a Big Fan of M$ .

A long time ago when I was a Mechanical Student in college, I was surrounded by friends who were almost all Computer Science students.

They were all hardcore Java or Microsoft Fans, and I don't know why or from where the Linux bug bit me.

I started playing around/messing in Linux and after 3 Months or so when I had my feet set in, I removed Windows from my Laptop completely.

I was an alien amongst my Computer Science friends, for them it was a Sacrilege that a Mechanical guy who should be running around with Engine Parts and Grease on his hands was dipping his nose in Linux while all of the So-Called-Computer Students were mortally afraid of it. 

But time passed, I got a job in an IT firm and left my Turbine and Engine Days far behind me. And my company wanted me to work on building stuff based on what Microsoft was doing.

So here I was , A hard core Linux user/fan-boy at home, who then went to office and worked on Microsoft all day (and sometimes all night long)

In Hindi we have a Proverb: जिस थाली में खाता है , उसी थाली में छेद करता है 

Translation: You make a hole in the same plate which you eat.
I know doesn't make much sense in English Right ? )

I guess things have changed now. From a day and a time when Microsoft Ruled the Personal Computer. At-least looking at the Google Instant Search Results more and more people seem to be searching about Microsoft Dying or even Microsoft Already Dead.

Hmm.... Interesting, I guess people think that Microsoft is also going to go the same way as IBM, and the Dinosaurs .



Kanthu said...

Though it would be an Exaggeration to say MS is dying or dead, it sure is on a downward slide.

And I thot u would be searching much more 'Interesting' things. Anyways I will keep watching..:-)

Sunil Deepak said...

But using microsoft things isn't bad, it is image behind the company that bugs, as an organisation that only tries to make money, true? While Linux attracts because the ideals of common sharing and learning behind it.

Satya Prakash said...

MS is not dying. It will be alive. Win7 is good. I got Macbook in office and think it is not that worth the hype.

Rajendra Raikwar said...

Microsoft is best forever.

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