Monday, November 14, 2011

Shit IRIS Says - 2

This is the Second Post in the Series of Shit IRIS Says.
The first can be found here.

Although IRIS might not be able to make me a Burger, She is none the less very keen to help.

Now that leads me to doubt if, IRIS is just plane stupid, But as you can see, she clearly knows better.

Now that intrigues me and also freaks me out a bit, that IRIS looks like.. err.. me .. O_O

I finally had enough and thought that I would tell IRIS exactly what I think of her. But I guess she didn't like it much and now tempers rose

Ohh Oohh... Now I am royally Screwed..

And that Ladies and GentleMen, is How Terminator Began

Many more such gems coming soon.. Keep watching this space.

Phone Used: HTC Desire
You can download IRIS from here or scan the QR Code below

The Screen shots contain black spaces where I have edited out the Oh Soo.. Un-Interesting Questions and Responses. The Label Career Reads Google as it has been modified using some Root only tools.



VigneshK said...

Nice one. I tried that app a while back on my phone. Sadly, I didn't know that it needed the 'voice commands' app. I had frozen it to remove unwanted apps. Sheesh... Still lazy to try it.

Spaceman Spiff said...

Are you serious?? "I will remember you said that when robots take over the world" !!
Even if it's an app, Iris is definitely a female. :P

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