Friday, September 5, 2008

One Night @ Nite Rent

Going by the newly formed tradition of this random blog. Where it is extremely difficult to predict what the next post is going to be about, this time I decided that I should tell you all a story.

If you think that you are not a kid anymore and have grown over the age of reading stories, I would suggest that you go ahead and leave now, and do what ever it is that grown up hags like you do.

So now that we have that matter sorted out lets get on with the story. Or wait…..why should I start so soon telling you a story. May be I will bore my unfortunate readers a bit more about the latest happenings around the world

Real Harry Potter Weathers Pottermania

He's not a wizard. He lives in Florida. And he's 78. But he does have a name with a magical ring to it: Harry Potter. This Harry's wife says he gets a "big kick" out of talking to Potter fans.

Ok that’s enough news for you. I don’t care what goes on in the world and neither should you.

So finally moving on with the story. This is a story about two strange individuals gBo and Auxin Mil from the planet Venus and Mars respectively.

They were two strange individuals who had never had the misfortune to meet or even converse telepathically in their small and happy paranormal lives, with each other.

Then one unfortunate Jupday (what did you expect that they would have earth’s stupid 7 days week through out the galaxy), they had the displeasure to bump into each other in a planet totally invisible from the human or as a matter of fact even plutonian eyes.

They both due to some unfortunate turn of events had landed on that planet as they were both hired by a MUC (Multi Universal Company) called Technology Concerning Stupidity.

Now since they both had arrived from different planets and different social and cultural backgrounds, it was but natural that they took an instant disliking to each other’s every little action and habits.

As we all know that Venusians has always been known for their extreme intelligence and wit but also for their lack of concern for other individual’s feelings. And gBo was no different from them. It(its difficult to divide Venusians and Martians in Earth’s prevalent mode of division of HE and SHE , so they all are called IT ) was an epitome of their culture and a champion of Making anagrams (yes you guessed right other planets have read The DA-Vinci code as well ), and RQ, DQ and SP as well. Now don’t ask me to elaborate on what these things are, the Venusians are very adamant about their secrets and even if I tell you, I would have to throw you in a BLACK HOLE.

So enough about gBo, now lets get to the second character in this story Auxin Mil or Aux for short. Now like every other typical Martian (although what is a typical Martian is no one has ever dared to define) it was also an individual who would never stick to the well trodden path of the normal JUNTA (collection of Martians). If everyone said it was a cow it would say that it was a Inter-Galactic Scrap Collector, if everyone said it was day it would say that it was in fact a worm hole.

So you get a more or less get an idea about the two individuals we are talking about, because if you haven’t still understood I am not going to waste any more key strokes for your DUMB mind to grasp the concept.

So as we were reading that the two individuals had arrived on the planet Nite Rent because they were hired by the same MUC. And unfortunately due to some bizarre turn of events even during the same millennia. So they ended up sharing the same century lounge to hang out with other IT’s from the different planets, and in some cases from parallel universes as well.

So now when they met on Nite Rent , as was predicted by the great mathematician Edward Zarnigoop 16 centuries earlier they immediately took a disliking to each and everything the other individual did. From their 16 tentacles to their 3.97 heads.

They tried, as was expected of them to make the other individual commit suicide and when that did not work, even tried the legal and highly preferred way of getting away from some one i.e. Murder.

They kicked each other, pinched each other (both of which are really painful owing to their 23 legs and 3.8 inch long nails), but nothing seemed to work. They still were bumping into each other every day while traveling through the Nite Rent.

So they finally decided to call it a truce and find out what was their secret to the immunity of each others attacks. So they decided to hold a rather peaceful conference, in which no planets would be destroyed or no species of spiders hurt in anyway.

Now as this story is already getting too long for a single post and also my publishers are warning me that I should keep some material for the sequel to this book, I am going to end this post right here. And tell you about the Catastrophic Conference [C.C.] (that’s how it was known in the later generations to come), in the next post.

This is Cosmic Blasting OFF


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