Friday, September 5, 2008

Odyssey Generation

A few days ago one of my friends send me a link to a very interesting community called parallel mirrors which is very hard for me to define.
It had a topic called "Odyssey Generation". And many people had expressed their own view points.

Odyssey generation to me means that stage of life in a person which is going to define his entire existence on this planet.
The stage where he/she takes control of his life and ventures forward on a path that shapes his/her future.
The time or period in a persons life which will have a everlasting effect on whatever it is he does from that point onwards.

But theoretically speaking this one stage of life which was just supposed be a passing phase has been carried over to comprise the modern day's man entire life.

As soon as a child is born the first thing thats gonna define him and shape his future is the locality in which he is brought up.
Even when the child is in the Pre-nursery, or (what ever classes that kids go to nowadays) that becomes a stamp on his entire career.

The child's school has become a mark of social symbol. If you are from a particular HI-Class school you are surely supposed to be better then the next Tom, dick and Harry.

Then comes the biggest hurdle of them all. The College admission.
and with that Indians only think of 2 names....IIT or Doctor....

If you are in a IIT you are supposed to be a Demi-god..some one to be worshipped, to be held in be honored.
Same is the case with the profession of a Doctor.

Why is it that more creative and off-beat careers for a child are still seen as a taboo? Why does everyone just wants to travel the well trodden path and not become a trailblazer?

Even after you are through with college its finding a job and a high paying one at that. That it the salary, thats what matters the most although it might not be what you actually want to do with your skills.

It might not be what you always dreamed to do in your life but you still go ahead and become part of that Drone of mindless zombies working in a cubicle all day long and work on mind numbing projects.

But still the odyssey generation does not stop here at this point.

Now you have a boss who treats you like his minion and walks all over you as if you are a door mat.
You lose all your self respect for your existence.
And just follow the routine to complete the next deadline.

You work hard to make some money and save some more.
So that your kid can go to a reputed school and have a so called high grade education...

And thus the cycle continues....

And the world just goes on and on and on.......

This is COSMIC BLASTING OFF.........


Anne John said...

I did all this.
And then mustered up the guts to quit the rat-race and follow my dream! But I guess I could afford to do so.

However I think that if I was a guy, I probably wouldn't have done it... Because in our society as long as a man earns well while chasing his dream he is respected and pointed out as a shining example. But if he is earning poorly/not earning, claiming that he is "chasing his dream"- then God help him!

cosmic_wanderer said...


Exactly !! You have put it very well.

The people who are brave enough to actually chase their dreams without the though or worry of the consequences are often considered as Good for Nothing Slackers by our society.

But then again if the same person does achieve what he is striving for and is considered successful by his peers,
The same society does not waste a minute to jump on the band wagon to praise them.

Kudos to you that you had the guts and also the right opportunity to jump out of the rat race and chase your dreams.


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