Friday, September 5, 2008

Story of Orkut

Once there were two neighbors.

Orkut and chirkut. Orkut was a very indecent guy.
And was always after skirts ,
While chirkut was almost a saintly person
chirkut always preached to orkut the values of friendship and brotherhood ,but orkut did not listen. Then one day...a great scientist Mr WEBSTER decided that the name chirkut was fit for a CROOK.
And the whole world from that day on decided that chirkut was a crook. Seeing that his good name was brought into dust chirkut left the neighborhood of orkut and went out into the world in hiding. Orkut now went under a tremendous change and really missed his friend chirkut so he started a website in his friends name that is and started searching the whole world for his friend and neighbor.
Then one day...two crazy white people met orkut and asked him to sell over to them so orkut was very happy that chirkut's teachings were right and that good does you if you do good for others but the two crazy white people changed the name of to and enslaved the youth of many countries in their grasp THE END

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