Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In-Email(Flight) Passenger Announcements

Email, A very simple mode of communication.
One which I use everyday, and once when I start typing something, without any thoughts or plan , Such Emails can go Haywire.

This post is dedicated to my friend , who after getting the below email first thing in the morning, Did not murder me (Yet)

I am copying the mail as such without any edits

Good Morning <Name Hidden for confidentiality>

Welcome to another new day in your life. 
Please fasten your seat belt, Tray table band kar le, and khidki khuli rakhey...

Seat Belt: Us se kya hoga ?

Seat belt baandhney se aap ek hi jagah pe rahengey.. and life mein kisi bhi goal ke baare mein focussed rehna bahut zaroori hai....

Tray table: Us se kya hoga ?

Tray table band karne se aap apney life ki choti choti luxuries ka tyaag kar rahe hai..But agar aapko life mein kahin pahuchna hai (in this case your flight destination) aapko tyaag karna bahut zaroori hai ..

Khidki Khuli: Us se kya hoga ?

Khidki khuli rakhney se aapko naye naye cheezey dikhegi... jis se aapko naye naye ideas aayengey.. 
Agar aap Kursi peti baandhney (Concentrate on your goals) , Tray table band karne (Make small sacrifices) ke baad bhi apney goal/destination tak nahi pahuch paa rahe hai, to yahi khuli hui khidki aapko naye ideas degi..

Waah Waah.. :D .. Non Stop bakwaas mein to main ekdum expert ho gaya hoo :D ,..

I smell a Blog post coming up :D ;-)

Now enjoy your day knowing ki your daily quota of Awsome Gyaan has been filled up B-)

As they say... if you have friend like me, who needs enemies



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