Tuesday, October 11, 2011

India created Apple

Today morning I had a chat conversation with one of my colleagues, when he pinged me a what I suppose is a Head Lines from The Times of India.
The transcript is below:

Colleague 10:07 AM
The monk who sold Apples
times of india wala

Choudhary, Shrijeet 10:08 AM
India Says: We made him the Monk that he was
So Indians are the ones who changed the World of Computing

Choudhary, Shrijeet 10:08 AM
Congress Steps up and declares: We were in Power when he visited

Colleague  10:08 AM

Choudhary, Shrijeet 10:08 AM
So gandhi family takes all credit

Choudhary, Shrijeet 10:09 AM
Then RSS and BJP retort , that Steve went to meet some baba so Hindutva Prevails

And then Kerala and Bengal mein Strike.. Why didnt Steve Jobs visit these two places, Lets BoyCott all Apple Products
Cholbey Naa...Cholbey Naa...

Colleague   10:10 AM
ha ah ha

Ok now back to work...

DISCLAIMER: I am not-political and don't support or give a DAMN about any of these parties. 
So if some of you find this offensive. Feel free to close the window and go and went your resentment some place else



Neeraj Kumar said...

Great amalgam of observation Shree.

cosmic_wanderer said...

:) Thanks Neeraj

Anonymous said...

never to put a disclaimer plissss!! ruins the fun of the post!

cosmic_wanderer said...

@ The Blunt Blogger...

Hmm.. It's one of my usual practices when I write something which might be offensive to someone.

Anand said...

LOL... Funny funny... The disclaimer is also good :) :)

Aakash Kokz said...

LOL .... Very funny :D

cosmic_wanderer said...

Thanks Anand and Aakash,

Just some spontaneous (frustrated) responses.

Anonymous said...

I’d need to take a look at with you right here. That is not something I typically do! I get satisfaction in reading through a article which will make individuals assume. In addition, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

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