Friday, October 14, 2011

Why do boys don't need a Girl Friend

Sorry the women of the world. But I couldn't help it.

When people share something on Social Networking sites, I don't know why, But I always get a weird itch, which makes me want to always respond to them or to put it correctly. Always dis-agree with them.

So another post which was a response to one of my friend's Facebook Status updates:
The original facebook post:

And my response:

Why do boys dont need a girl friend ?
Coz she

-will never leave u alone . Even when you ask her to. PERIOD
-will see to it that u cant get any of ur work done
-will make sure u don't skip to pay for her meals..
-will ask u to leave all ur habits everyday, everytime..
-will fight with u.
-will spend all your money
-will be the reason for all your worries
-will make u punctual when something needs to be done for her..
-will help u restrain ur making it a constant state of mind all the time
-will talk to you 15 times a day to know what you're doing..Even when you are in the middle of work and she clearly knows that you cant talk.

You will feel bugged all the time, and the truth is you can do everything without her.

P.S.: I know , another offensive post. Now bring on the hate.

P.P.S.: This post was written not from what I believe but to annoy my facebook friends who day in and day out post such mushy idiotic messages



Kanthu said...

actually the list cud be longer than dis...;p

cosmic_wanderer said...

Well Kanthu, as this was just a response to the Original post shared on Facebook, I have stuck to the exact same points, Just changing their point of view :)

Pooja Abhay said...

Ha ha funny...n yeah maybe..just maybe..true:)

Priyanka Chowdhuri said...

i mean, really?? thts the reason u had umpteen number of gfs after the first one?

Upasana said...

Some of your responses may have a little bit of truth.JUST MAY!! Still i am going to label you a SEXIST!!!

cosmic_wanderer said...

@Upasana... Well life is not always chocolates and butterflies...

Anand said...

hahahahaa... nice post dude... the observations are true I say :)

Anand said...

oops, commenting again for email follow-up...

Unknown said...

i totally disagree with your disagree. you can ask a person who realy lose his gf. it is unbearable.

zephyr said...

The truth is that both sexes needs the other and if each is a little insufferable it is part of the charm of the relationship. It is interesting to see girls saying 'maybe it is true'. :) Waiting for a reactionary post from the girls now!

cosmic_wanderer said...

@Anand ,,
Thanks Man :)

@Ram A Singh..
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I for one would never want to change anyones.
And when it comes to "Asking someone who loses a gf" ..
I dont need to ask.. I have experienced it first hand :)

Very well said..and I completely agree with you.

This post was written not from what I believe but to annoy my facebook friends who day in and day out post such mushy idiotic messages

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