Monday, October 24, 2011

Whatever comes the Easiest

As usual , his SPAM Folder was full of offers where people from Africa and Oil Rich Countries were ready to transfer all their fortune to him.

He had again won about 2346 different lotteries.

And he also had many lucrative job offers from companies in different countries and all he had to do was transfer 100$ to them for paper processing.

But then one such SPAM mail caught his attention, It wasn’t so different from the others in the folder. Nor did it have the single shred of authencity about it.

But the name of the Company in the Subject line caught his fancy. 
(The Spammer of-course had no connection to the company what-so-ever)

It was the same Company which he had admired since his days in the University. 
The same company which he aspired to work with since the day he had touched the wonderful and magical machine.

But then, he knew that he won’t do anything about it. He had always been taking the easy way out.

Instead of chasing behind his dreams, he always settled. 
He always settled with whatever came the easiest.

He was not a warrior, he never challenged the Status-Quo, he never longed for more then what was available to him.

He was one who THEORITICALLY didn’t believe in “Destiny” or “Luck” or “Fate”.
But I guess he was a Hypocrite, who never tried to make his own destiny.

He only travelled the path which was laid out before him. He took the turns which were offered to him.
He was never a TrailBlaizer, He was never the one who would put his life on the line and pave the untrodden path.

He would inspire people to to try out different avenues, different adventures, do something diverse with their day to day life and he would also lead them and show them the way.

But when it came to his own life, The things that really mattered. The things that shaped his next 10 years to come. 
He would always back down and would continue on what came next.

He dreams every single day of what he could have done with his life, or what he can do, or what he should do. 
But never gets to doing it.

He settles with whatever comes the easiest. 



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